Our weekend.

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I have been trying to write a new post for the past 30 min. My computer is sooo slow. I finally get started and now I hear Jack talking from the bedroom. I will see how much I can get done before he starts his “out please.”

This past weekend was another busy one. Jason went on his annual fishing trip with his brothers, nephews, uncle… etc. Normally when Jason is out of town I head to my parents but my mom was out of  town this weekend as well and I had my fix and freeze group Saturday so I decided to stay here with the kids alone.

Friday we went to the store one final time to finish up the fix and freeze list and then had an early lunch so we could go on a walk with my friend Hillary and her daughter Katie. I can’t tell you how much I am loving the nice weather. Getting outside makes all of us happier. After naps my friend Libby came over with Lexi and brought dinner. We stripped all three kids down to their diapers and let them eat spagetti and meatballs. They LOVED it! I see more trips to fazolis in our future. The kids were SOOO messy that we decided to stick them all in the tub. After we were done it litterally looked like I had washed dishes in the tub. There was pieces of oregano or somethin stuck all over the side of the tub and everything had a hint of red. After baths we let the kids play and attempted to do some of the prep work for saturday’s fix and freeze. It was a little like a three ring circus. The kids were fighting over toys, Jack pulled an alarm clock on his head and got a big bump, there was barf on the floor that took us quite awhile to figure out which kid it came from and mass chaos. I’m not really sure what we were thinking trying to to all of that with all three kids and no Daddys. It was so chaotic you just had to laugh. Around bedtime Lexi’s Daddy came and got her and took her home and Libby helped me get the kids to bed and we finished things up.

Saturday morning my Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Lauren watched the kids. They went to McDonalds for Breakfast, target where they picked out an Easter gift for themselves (spoiled kids) and then the park. When I got home we all went to lunch. I was glad to have some time away from the kids and some time with Elizabeth and Lauren before spending the evening alone. The kids were really good the rest of the day. We spent as much time as possible outside and then I put them to bed.

Sunday I met up with the women from Jason’s side of the family and had lunch. The kids were on their best behavor, which I was grateful for. When we got home Daddy was home and both kids were soo happy to see him. Ecspecially Jack. He is really becoming a Daddy’s boy. Every morning it is really hard for him when Jason leaves for work. He is upset the whole time before Jason leaves becuase he knows that he is leaving. He follows Jason around trying to get Jason to hold him. I think he thinks he might get to go with Jason if he is being held.

Here are a few of the spagetti pics from Friday. I need to get better at taking pictures again.


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