Easter Weekend Part I

April 25, 2011 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It is gloomy and rainy today and I am TIRED! Poor Leah had a high fever last night and Jason and I were up much of the night with her. The original plan was for me to stay up with her because he had to go to work today but when her fever got really high she started crying for “daddy.” When he laid down next to her it instantly calmed her down. Being the great Daddy he is Jason ended up staying with Leah and I all night.

We had a busy weekend so I am going to write about it in two posts. Jason had good friday off and we spent the day as a family we went out to lunch, picked up with ham for Easter and bought a pair of shoes for each of us. Exciting huh? Saturday we met up with a friend of Jason’s from work and his wife and twins Oscar and Finley. We went to Oscar and Finley’s grandparents neighborhood easter egg hunt. The kids had a good time. I some how didn’t get their easter baskets in to the car but they walked around and collected eggs anyway. Jack would pick up eggs and then put them in other peoples baskets and say “thank you.” Such a polite boy. Leah had one egg in each had and was happy. She was even more excited when she discoved the eggs had small plastic bunnies in them. The best part of the whole thing for the kids was playing in the tub of empty eggs. Everyone retured their empty eggs after the hunt for next year and Jack and Leah stood and kept an eye on everything the whole time. I tried to get Jack away from the tub a couple of times but he was not having it. After the Easter egg hunt we went out to lunch.With four kids under three we did pretty well. The kids came home afterwards and took a good nap which gave Jason and I some time to get the house picked up for Easter.


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