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I have been a bad blogger..and we have had plenty of things going on I just haven’t really felt like it. Last weekend we spent the whole weekend in Lawrence. My baby sister Bailey graduated from High School. We had a big party at my parents house Saturday night. There were a lot of family friends I hadn’t seen for a long time and it was soo good to see everyone. A couple of my good friends from high school came with their families as well. It was really fun to see Jack and Leah with Aiden and Lexi or as Leah says “yexi and A.” The actual graduation was sunday. It was soo hot that Jason and I ended up taking the kids and driving around for awhile during the ceremony. Leah and I made it back in time to see Bailey get her dipolma but Jack crashed so he and daddy waited in the car. After the ceremony we all went out for burgers. At one point I looked over and realized that Miss Leah had her Pop (Grandpa Kirk), Daddy and Ste Ste (Uncle Stephen) all feeding her and talking to her. I think she already has these boys wrapped around her finger. I tried to get a picture but it didn’t turn out great.

This week has gone by quick. Tuesday we just hung around the house. We got caught up on laundry and went to the store nothing exciting. Wednesday we went to DeAnna Rose with Lexi and Libby. Libby is a teacher and is officially out for the summer, which is great. The kids love playing with Lexi and I enjoy having some adult conversation. Thursday was cleaning day and an impromptu lunch at Runza with Libby and Lexi. I think a bunch of people at Runza thought they were triplets. I wish I would have taken a picture of the three of them.  Today we had our visit from our Parents as teachers lady. Jack and Leah have met all of the milestones up to two years and are starting to get a few of the 24 to 36 month milestones. A few of the things I need to work on with them are drinking from a real cup (sonds messy to me), puzzles, and putting words together. They sometimes put two words together now but not very often.

Tonight we have plans to meet up with some friends for dinner and hit the Prarie Village art show tonight, which should be fun. Although Jack is currently refusing to take a nap so we will see how it goes.

Not much else is going on. Leah is still biting. She bit Jack on the face this morning. I will take a picture of Jack and post it soon. It looks awful. I feel so bad for the little guy. She just keeps doing it and nothing we are doing seems to be helping. Someone told me I should bite her but I just can’t bring myself to do that. You would think Jack would get tired of it and bite her back but he never does.

Here are some pictures from the week.


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