Day in the Life.

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I read several other blogs. Mostly blogs of friends, a few random moms I don’t know and a cooking or decorating blog every now and then. One of the blogs I read is doing a week in the life this week and sharing what they do everyday for a week. I don’t know if I will make it a whole week but I thought I would at least do a couple of days. I wish I had done one of these when the kids were babies I can hardly remember what are days were like a year ago.


6 am- Jack and Leah wake up. Jack wakes up crying and Leah lays in her crib and watches him until I come in the room. The kids I go down stairs do diaper changes, let the dog out and I make breakfast for everyone. Eggs, Bacon and frozen waffles were on the menu yesterday. While the kids eat I unload the dishwasher (it is easier to do without little hands helping). Jason joins us before the kids are done eating.

7am-Jason leaves. The kids watch a few cartoons and play and I take a minute to eat some breakfast and read a few blogs and answer emails.

7:45am-Chore time. I wash Jack and Leah’s bedding, make our bed, finish folding a load of laundry and putting it away from the day before and attempt to clean up the house. Throw in two or three diaper changes and I get myself and both kids dressed.

10 am-Take a walk with a friend and her daughter. The kids eat a snack before we leave (rasins and crakers today).

11 am-Lunch. Jack and Leah are both starving and I cannot make food fast enough. Todays menu hotdogs, macaroni, and strawberries. Both kids inhale their food.

11: 30 am-We go outside to play until nap time.

12:15 pm-Nap Time. I was crazy and decided I was going to paint a wall during nap time instead of taking a break. What is wrong with me?

1:30 pm-I finish painting the wall and get things cleaned up and Jack wakes up. Jack and I watch some fresh beat band and cuddle. This is the only time of the day jack lets me just hold him. When he is done with cuddeling we read and play with Legos.

2:45 pm-Leah gets up. I get the kids diapers changed and shoes on and we head to costco for toliet paper, paper towels and guacamole..just the necessities. : )  The kids love costco and beg for every sample..unfortunately today they can’t have a lot of them. On the way home we swing by Sonic Happy hour. I let the kids get a small fry for a snack. Leah decides she no longer eats fries and Jack eats them all. After they are gone Leah cries “fries.”

3:45 pm- Come home and play for a bit before starting dinner. I get down a puzzle and we read a little bit.

4:15 pm-Attempt a quick pick up before Jason gets home. The kids walk behind me and get everything back out. At least I tried.

4:30 pm-Make Dinner. The kids are already hungry and begging for food. For some reason they always want to eat at 4:30.

5:00PM-Jason is home and we all eat dinner.

5:30 pm-Dinner is cleaned up and I head to the store to run and errand. When I get back our friends drop their daughter off for a few hours. (We take turns taking care of each others kids so we can each have date nights..our date night was monday).

6 pm-I decide to make vanilla icing and chocolate icing for cupcakes for a wedding shower on Saturday. Jason looks at me like I am crazy…but the next couple of days are going to be busy.

7:00 pm-Jammies for everyone, milk and bedtime stories. We put Jack and Leah to bed and Lexi hangs out with us until her parents get home.

10:00 pm-Bed time for me.


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