Day in the Life–Thursday

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Before I write about Thursday I should tell you that all weeks are not as crazy as this week. Although, this summer it has felt like everyday has been a crazy but crazy.

6 am- Jack and Leah wake up just like normal. I take them downstairs and do the normal routine, dipers, breakfast and unloading the dishwasher. I opt not to actually cook breakfast today and feed the kids breakfast bars and fruit.

7am-Jason leaves for work. I watch a few minutes of The Cat and the Hat with the kids check my email and read some blogs.

7:30 am-I clean up the kitchen, dress the kids, and try to tidy up the rest of the house.

8 am- I let the kids watch some dinosaur train in their pack and plays while I shower. I never got around to showering yesterday so this is a must!

8:45 am-The kids and I head to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the shower I am helping to host Saturday and a last minute item for my fix and freeze group. I start thinking about everything we have to do today and decide I need a fountain diet coke on the way home.

9:30 am- Get home and unload groceries. Feed the kids a few cheerios for a snack. Make a batch of Strawberry icing for Saturday. Clean the kitchen again.

10:15am-Get out Legos and play with the kids. Jack and Leah make towers and take turns knocking them down.

11 am-Lexi and Libby come to our house and we all head to McDonalds for Lunch. The McDonalds by our house only has two high chairs so Leah gets to sit in the booth with me, she is thrilled.  The kids all ate a ton of lunch and attracted quite a bit of attention. Mostly because Lexi was saying hi to everyone and Jack was waving to everyone.

11:45 am-Libby and I take the kids to a park. We are the only ones there and the kids run around and have a ton of fun.

12:45 pm- Head back to our house and attempt to get the kids to take a nap so Libby and I can cook 8 lbs of chicken for tonights fix and freeze. Jack goes right to sleep. Lexi and Leah are in the same room and can’t stop saying each others names and laughing. Libby and I listen for was soo cute. We finally give up and Libby takes Lexi home.

1:45 pm-I start shredding the chicken. Jack wakes up. I hold him while I finish and then he and I watch some Fresh Beat Band and have a snack (Raisins and Goldfish).

2:30 pm-Leah wakes up and has a snack.  

2:45 pm-I take the kids outside and let them have popsicles and play in the sprinkler. They had a blast!  We are really soaking up summer today. Moments like this make me so happy that I get to stay at home with the kids.

3:30 pm-Come inside and give the kids a bath because I will be gone tonight.

4:45 pm-Jason gets home. We decide to forgo the plan of eating sandwiches for dinner and opt to eat at Runza using a coupon we had instead.

5:30 pm-Libby comes to pick me up and I head to fix and freeze. Jason is in charge of the kids for the rest of the evening.

8:30 pm-Home from from fix and freeze. I have eight  food items with me. This time we made meatloaf, chicken and bows, hamburger noodle bake, broccoli rice casserole, dill porkchops, chicken divan, apple crisp and chili burgers. Jason and I watch TV until bed. He is a good sport and lets me watch the Real Housewives of New York.

10 pm- Bedtime.



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