Day in the Life-Friday

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6:30 am-Wake up call. We get thirty extra minutes today. I was exhuasted and laid in bed until 6:45.

6:45 am-Get up take the kids down stairs, change diapers, make breakfast (cinnamon rolls and strawberries) unload the dishwasher.

7:30 am-Jason Leaves. I watch a little tv with the kids and check emial.

7:45 am-Decorate cupcakes for shower tomorrow. I get all 50 done and then start baking the taco salad shells…only 35 of these to do.

8:45-still working on cupcake and taco salad situation. The kitchen is a disaster. I take several breaks to change yucky diapers. The kids are upset I am not playing with them and I am starting to think I am crazy.

10: 15-finally finish up kitchen projects and chop veggies for tongihts dinner. Get the kitchen cleaned up. I dress the kids and thrown on some clothes.

10:45-Run to HyVee to a couple of items I forgot for tonights Cajun chicken pasta and get chinese food for the kids and I for lunch.

11:30-Get home and eat lunch outside to avoid picking up a thousand pieces of rice of the floor. When the kids are done eating we play outside for a bit.

12- Come inside change diapers and put the kids down for a nap.

12:30-Write a little on the blog, pay some bills, catch up with some paperwork.

12:45-Find out we have a boil order on our water..I am so grateful I let the kids have juice boxes for lunch. After reading what to do for a boil order I decide we should not cook dinner here and decide we will eat out instead. I also realize I cannot let the kids take a bath or play in the sprinkler today because Leah always drinks the water. She just can’t help herself.

3:00-Jason gets home. The kids are still asleep..its a miracle. I run to the store along with everyone else in johnson county to buy ice and water. My Dad calls and Jason decides he is going to Lawrence to spend the night so he can help move dirt in the morning. We organize a prisoner exchange*.

3:45-The kids are awake and Jason leaves for Lawrence.

4:45-Grandma and Aunt Bailey arrive. We head to Margaritas for dinner and run by the gap on the way home.

6:45-Get home and get the kids ready for bed.

7pm-Kids in bed. Cocktail time for me and Grandma.

10pm-Bedtime for everyone.

*Prisoner Exchange=Jason leaves and Grandma arrives to take his place.

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures slipped my mind.


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