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I havne’t blogged for awhile but I have lots of good reasons. I also haven’t taken any pictures of the kids for awhile…no good reasons there. I’m just going to do a random bullet point blog to record some of the things going on. I promise to post pictures soon.

* Aunt Bailey came to stay with us for a couple of days last week. We enjoyed having her and the kids were sad when aunt “Bay-Wee” left.

* Chief our dog had surgery last friday to remove a tumor from his behind. He is doing much better now but still taking medicine and wearing a cone.

* We put our house on the market friday. Trying to get the house clean with two almost two year olds is a challenging task to say the least. We have had two showings so far. I hope it sells fast or I may loose my mind.

*The kids spent last weekend with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Bailey. Jack has been talking much more so I get bits and pieces of what they did. The funniest line so far has been “Grandpa Kirk Jelly Bean pants.” Apparently Grandpa was carrying jelly beans in his pocket this weekend for Jack and Leah. I have also heard a lot about “Uncle Ste Ste Balls.” Which I can only assume means that Uncle Stephen played with all the plastic balls with Jack at Grandma and Grandpas but who knows for sure.

* Jack is continuing to talk up a storm. He almost always says two works at a time now…sometimes more. His most commonly used phrase the past few days has been “Colors please mama.” but when he says colors it sounds like quarters. All he wants to do since this weeked is get out the crayons and coloring books. Leah likes to peel the labels of the crayons and throw them.

* Leah isn’t talking as much but is obviously jealous of the attention Jack is getting from it. He has been a little grumpy lately and wanting mommy to hold her all the time. Her new favorite activity is playing with her new baby which we have named Amy.

* Jack has decided he no longer needs a nap and hasn’t napped in a week. Soo sad for mommy.

Better get back to work.


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  1. Jack has lost his nap already:( Jace is right behind him. He still gets to stay in his room for 2 hours, but has only been sleeping about half an hour every 3rd day. I’m not happy about it either.

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