Weekend Craziness

July 25, 2011 at 1:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It seems like I am having less and less time to blog the older the kids get. I think a lot of the problem right now is that I am spending nap time cleaning trying to keep our house ready in case we get a call for a showing. We have had four showings so far..nothing serious.

As usual this past weekend was pretty busy and somewhat chaotic…I think that is just our life these days. Thursday the kids and I went to Lawrence and spent the night. Friday during the day my sister and I let the kids swim in the backyard and did some errands. Jason and I had haircuts that evening. Recently Leah has become quite a ham and she decided that she would dance for everyone while I got my haircut. It was pretty funny. There were probably 12 people standing around some of them with their hair in foil or with wet hair while Leah did the cha cha slide and her ballet moves. So far I have taught her to do Passe, Plie, Tondu and Arabasque. She loves it, which I have to admit makes me a very proud mama. I have got to get her on video soon. After haircuts we went to get Mexican food with my family and my Aunt Elizabeth. The kids were very well behaved, which was nice. Then we all loaded up and headed to my Grandparents house to have some ice cream cake and celebrate my Grandpas birthday. (There are a few pictures below of this). The kids did well and even got to stay up past bedtime.

Saturday Jason and I snuck out to get breakfast and took Jack with us. Before the kids came we often ate breakfast out on the weekends and it is something Jason and I both love doing. Jack only ate Bacon for breakfast. He ate his bacon, some of daddys bacon and some of my bacon. I think he said Bacon about 40 times during the course of breakfast. We were going to walk around down town and let Jack get some energy out but he decided he would not hold my hand so we left. He is quite a stubborn little guy when he wants to be. Saturday afternoon we headed over to Aunt Gina and Uncle Tony’s house for some of Tony’s famous ribs. The kids had a blast running around. Leah danced and Jack talked up a storm.

Sunday I am happy to say was uneventful. We ran some errands ate lunch out and then just hung out at home and grilled out. It was a nice ending to a busy weekend.

Tomorrow I am headed to Florida for four and half days with my good friend Amber. I am beyond excited. I haven’t taken a real girls trip since the kids and I am really looking forward to some down time. I am a little nervous about what will be going on at home..but I’m sure it will all be fine. My mom is taking the kids one day, my Aunt and Cousin will have them another day, My friend Libby will have them a half day and Jason is doing  a day and a half on his own. I’m sure the kids will have a blast getting to be with someone different that they love everyday.


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