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This is going to be short and sweet today. I don’t have a ton of time but I wanted to record a few of the cute things the kids are doing so I don’t forget. I wish I had new pictures but I have misplaced the battery charger for my camera and my battery died.  ( I have got to get more organized).

Yesterday when Jason and I were putting the kids to bed I said I love you like I always do and Jack looked at me and said ” I love you.” It was the cutest thing ever!  Jason and I both looked at each other to make sure we really heard it. I have been saying I love you all day today but he hasn’t said it again.

Jack has been talking like crazy. He says probably 15 new words every day. Yesterday he kept saying “Its bumpy out there.” I rolled the shopping cart over some bumps at the store the other day..which he apparently keeps thinking about. While we were at my mom and dads house he pointed to the oven and said “Grandma get the pizza.” There wasn’t any pizza in there at the time but we make pizza a lot at my parents. He also constanly says ” Mama Window Down,” when we are in the car. When my mom put him to bed at her house on Monday night he pointed to the bed and said Grandma night night. (She normally sleeps in there with the kids when we are gone.) It is funny to know that they are suddenly remembering things that we are doing.  We have been working on shapes and Jack can knows circle, square, triangle, rectangle and star. We started working on octagon yesterday and we are almost there. 

Leah becomes more sassy everyday. We are still having a hard time getting her to use her words. She knows almost as many as Jack but will only use them if she feels like it. She still loves playing with her babies and her favorite doll Baby Amy goes everywhere with us. Leah has gotten really good at puzzles…she calls them legos. The one thing she will almost always do is tell us her animal sounds. Her list now includes, dog, cat, bee, sheep, frog, turkey, lion, piggy, cow and duck. She loves to dance..her favorite thing is to do the Elmo Slide. We found this online and she cannot get enough of it.

The other new thing the kids have been doing which is so cute is chasing each other. They run around the house in circles and pretend to tickle each other. Jack will even yell Get Leah or Get Jack while he is running.. so funny. All of the sudden they are enjoying more rough play. I am not as good at it as Daddy but he makes time every night when he gets home. The kids take turns getting horse rides and they throw pillows at each other.


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