Crazy Monday

August 29, 2011 at 7:52 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Mondays are totally different now that I am back at work. I spent yesterday evening making lunches, laying out clothes and making sure bags for mothers day out were packed. It still feels a little strange to be doing all of that. I have only had a few days at work, but I am liking it . This is going to sound strange but I kind of feel like my work part of the day is my easy part. The mornings are crazy and the evenings seem crazy too so it is nice to have a portion of the day where I am only in charge of myself. I can work on one task at a time and focus all of my attention on one thing.

Jack and Leah’s second day of mothers day out went well. They got a pretty good report. Jack has been nicknamed the Parrot because he copies everything the teachers say all day. Leah talked some today. Jack did wake up from his nap screaming, but he does that at home occasionally so it was a total shock. Both kids took about an hour nap and they both loved playing outside in the sandbox..ecspeically Jack. He talked about the “Sandbox” all the way home.

After I picked the kids up from school we headed to the grocery store. I normally go to the grocery store early in the morning. There is no one at the grocery store early in the morning, which makes my trip easier for a number of reasons. I forgot some of these reasons until this afternoon. When we got to the store I had to park pretty far away. I carried both kids up to the store only to discover there were NO car carts. The car carts are those carts that have the giant plastic car on the back of them and hold two kids. For most parents they are a pain because the kids want to ride in them and they are a pain in the butt to stear..for me they are a necessity. If we don’t have a car cart I have to put one kid in the back with the food and then food gets thrown out and it is a bad deal. I decided not to shop without the double cart so I took the kids and started walking through the parking lot looking for a car cart. I found one..but a Dad with one kid got to it before me. I kinda wanted to yell at him, ” You only have one kid, that does not require a car cart.” I am pretty positive he saw me standing there and he took the cart anyway. So we walked further…and finally found  a car cart. The shopping went is always hard to stear those things and the more people there are in the store the harder it is. Plus if there are more people I can’t walk down the center of the aisle and the kids sometimes throw things in. At one point today i had about 12 packages of mini baby bell cheese in my cart…apparently Leah likes this. We finally got to the check out stand and there was a big line. The kids were doing pretty well until Leah decided she wanted to hug Jack. It started out nice enough but soon turned in to a move that looked like something from WWF. Leah was “hugging” Jack and scream “awwww” while Jack was yelling, “NO HUGS.” I am pretty sure everyone in the checkout lanes was staring at us. It was an adventure, but life with twins always is.

This evening we had dinner, took a walk, took a bath and played. The evening is my new favorite time with the kids. They have been in such a good mood recently. They have also been sitting through four or five books at bed time. I love reading to them and snuggling with them.

Here are a few pictures form our weekend. The pictures playing with the other kids is from friday. We went to some friends house for dinner and the kids got to play with Jace and Ireland. They always love playing with the big kids.



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  1. I completely agree with you on the cart issue. I’ve gotten so mad when I’ve just missed the last “car” cart by 15 seconds because they only had to bring 1 kid into the grocery store, while I had to walk slower with 2 kids. We use to drive thru Hy-Vee’s parking lot to look for any car carts that were outside before we went in. Of course, now, my kids just want to walk and don’t want any carts:) Ha! Something to look forward to.

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