Long Weekend.

September 6, 2011 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Our long weekend went by fast. Friday night we had our first “movie night” with the kids. It happened by accident. The kids were cranky and I was looking for something on the instant netflix and found Tangled. I turned it on and the kids were instantly hooked. They surprised Jason and I both and ended up watching about 80 percent of the movie. I would love to have a tradition of making pizza friday night and watching movies with the kids. I know they won’t sit that still all the time but Jason and I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Saturday the kids went to my parents and Jason and I had a night out with another couple. We went and grabbed some mexican food and then had some drinks. The other couple we went out with has twins too and it is nice to talk with them about life with twins. I know lots of other people have two kids but having two kids the same age is different and it is nice to talk with someone else who has been there done that. It is also nice to know that things will eventually get easier.

Sunday Jason and I headed up to my parents and we celebrated Jack and Leah’s birthday with my family. It is pretty early but we went sure when my sister will be back from college again and she wanted to be there. We made homemade pizza and had cupcakes. Leah got a new baby, which she has named Amy. Her other baby is also named Amy so that gets a little confusing sometimes. Jack got a train set. He isn’t sure if he loves it or is scared of it. I need to get it put together at home and see if he does better without all the people.

Monday was another busy day.. we had Jason’s niece Brittany, her husband Beau and Brayden over for dinner. THe kids had a great time playing in the back yard and it wore them out which is always good.

I wish I had lots of great pictures of all the fun things we did this weekend…but I don’t. I took pictures of the party on Saturday but they are on my moms camera and I kind of forgot the rest of the weekend. I have GOT to get better about this. I do have some pictures of the kids with their friend Lexi. Lexi came over one night last week and they had a blast. They were all sitting on the steps together and I snapped some pictures.



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  1. Aiden and I have been doing movie nights the weekends that Corey is on shift. He is a huge fan of Cars, Monsters, Inc., and Open Season. Also, might I suggest popcorn–he thinks it is hillarious to watch it pop! I think movie night is my favorite!

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