Traveling with Two Year Old Twins

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I am a planner. I am a list maker. I probably over think a lot of things, ecspeically things that involve the kids. I have chilled out some and I don’t read as many articles and books as I used to about kids stuff. However, traveling with two two years is something that I felt I should be extra prepared for. I have been reading tips and lists and asking anyone I know with twins if they have any suggestions. We leave in four days and I have been working on packing for a few days now. It takes awhile with the kids. I can’t pack if they are “helping” beacause it won’t end well for anyone.

I’m not sure how all this will work out but here are some of the “tips” I have come across. Maybe this will help someone else brave enough to travel with two year old twins.


*Take an extra shirt in your carry on bag for the adults and an extra outfit for the kids.

*Put the kids shoes in your carry on bag and don’t put them on until after you get through security

*Ask for juice from the flight attendants when you first get on the plane so the kids will have it during take off

*If your kids are under two and you didn’t buy them a seat bring a copy of their birth certificate

*Stick outlet covers in your bag to use at the hotel.

*Don’t bring enough diapers for the whole trip just enough for the first day or two and then go to the store when you get there.

*Bring plenty of healthy snacks the kids are sugared up.

*Rent equipment at your destination, if possible.

*Pack diapers, wipes…etc. in separate bags for each kid and each parent should carry one.

*Pack plenty of new surprises for the kids. I packed small farm animals, match box cars, crayons and notebooks, color wonder paper and markers, Light up wands, a jewelry set, a mini magna doodle, mini hair brush and mirror.

*Pack “Lovies”

*Be aware that only one lap child is allowed per row because of the oxygen masks. If it is just two adults traveling you cannot sit together.




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