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I have been meaning to get on here and write about our trip and the kids birthday for days but it seems like there are always 12 other things to do.

We had a wonderful trip to florida. The trip down was eventful at the beginning. We were flying on September 11. I hadn’t really thought twice about flying on that day until we got there. As I was getting ready to put my bags on the x-ray machine when a TSA agent came through and ordered us all to leave as quickly as possible because there had been a security issue. It wasn’t a good feeling to have that happen when you have your two little kids with you. Everyone was sent in the hallway and we waited but no one really said what was going on. Eventually they asked that everyone move further away. As we were walking we got seperated from Jason and he just happend to hear that our flight had been moved to another gate. We got down to the other gate and through security and walked right on the plane. It wasn’t a full flight so we even got to take the car seats on the plane for the kids. I have always been a fan of Southwest but I am an even bigger fan now. As I was walking on the plane I had Jack in my arms, a backpack and the carseat. I was attempting to get down the aisle when I realized the carseat was going to have to be lifted over the seats. The pilot must have seen how flustered I was and ended up helping Jason get the car seats down the aisle into seats and buckled up! That is definetly not in his job description. The flight attendants were great too! They brought us juice before beverage service for the kids and extra snacks..they made the trip much easier. The kids did great on the plane. I had been worried about it for months and was very relieved.

The kids loved the beach. Jack’s favorite activity was digging in the sand or burrying his Dad and Uncle Stephen. Leah like throwing shells in the water. We went to an aquarium while we were down there. It was a big hit for with the kids. They loved seeing all of the big fish and even got to touch a few things. A few other highlights from the trip included taking a boat ride, playing shuffle board, going to the park, watching the muppets on Uncle Stephens computer and eating lots of salt water taffy. It was nice to have soo many extra helpers all week. Jason and I even snuck out for a couple of dinners without the kids. (THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!) I came home actually feeling a little bit rested. We can’t wait to go back. Here are some pictures from the trip.


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