We are still alive.

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I have been a bad blogger…my excuse is that I have two two year olds, I’m working part time again and our house has been on the market. I haven’t given up the blog. I am going to attempt to write again more often. If I don’t I’m sure that there are tons of things that I won’t remember that have happened. I’m not going to attempt to write about everything that has happend in the past month but here are fifteen highlights and some pictures to go with them.

1. Jack’s and Leah’s 3rd Halloween. They dressed up as Pebbles and Bam Bam and were super cute in my opnion. We stayed at home and trick or treated but invited family over to have soup and hang out with us. The kids had a blast. Jack wanted to eat his candy as fast as he got it and Leah was more in to collecting it. They also thought it was pretty cool that Grandma Rhonda and Gradpa Kirk Spent the night.

2. We bought a potty. Leah has used it twice but has recently decided it is not a good idea so we put it away for awhile. Jack will only sit on it with his clothes on and he likes to make his cars go potty…I think he got this from watching Cars Two.

3. Leah’s first pigtails. They are still short but we are working on it.

4. We went to the doctor for their two year old appointments. Leah weighed 22 lbs 3.2 oz and was 32 inches tall. Jack weighed 24 lbs 9.6 oz and was 33 inches tall. Leah eats twice as much as Jack I will never understand how she continues to stay so tiny.

5. Jack and Leah are working on learning their colors. Miss Cindy our sitter has been a huge help in this. Leah knows pink and purple and never gets those wrong. They are right about 75% of the time on the other colors.

6. Leah can count to six or seven most of the time. She counts when she walks up the stairs or when we are playing. I’m pretty sure Jack could do it to but he normally just looks at me like I”m crazy when I ask him to count for me.

7. Jack is obsessed with Trucks and cars…Mater and Matador from Cars are his favorites. We can’t go an hour without playing with one of them.

8. Jack and Leah have been helping me cook recently. We have made trail mix and more recently helped Daddy make pizzas.

9. Jack and Leah helped there friend Aiden celebrate his 2nd birthday. The kids had a ton of fun. They ate monster cupcakes and enjoyed the playground in Aiden’s basement. I totally forgot to take pictures of this one.

10.  Leah has decided that she likes to take off her clothes and can often be found in nothing but a diaper after dinner. Silly Girl.

11. We are sitting in time out a lot recently. Jack and Leah are constantly testing us to see where the boundries are. They fight over all their toys. Every time Leah gets in trouble Jack needs to do the same thing to see if he is allowed to do it. Hello terrible twos.

12. We took our house of the market… looks like we will be here for a few more years.

13. Both kids have had colds. Leah had a bladder infection which included her having to have a catheter to get a urine sample and an ultra sound. This morning I had to take her back in because she has had a cough for two weeks and she got a breathing treatment and more antibiotics. I think this may be the winter that we are sick off and on all winter.

14. Jack is doing much better at mothers day out. After our trip the first three weeks he cried pretty much the whole time. It broke my heart to leave him. Recently we have been talking about how mommy will always come back and he repeats this to himself as he walks. He has had good reports the last few weeks.

15. The kids are both really into books recently and they have decided they like to “read” them to me instead of me reading to them. It is funny to see what they come up with.


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