Long overdue

December 9, 2011 at 10:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I have not been good with blogging recently… my excuse is that my computer is incredibly slow and my kids are incredibly fast so in the amount of time that it takes me to write something they have managed to totally destroy something else. Last night I went to the garage to throw away a poopy diaper and when I got back in the kitchen they were sitting on the kitchen table pouring salt and pepper everywhere yelling sprinkles.

The kids are getting into a lot of things but they are also at a really fun stage. They are talking all the time and it is funny to finally get to hear what they are thinking about. Leah recently told me “owen leahs boyfriend” on the way to school. This cracked me up because I have never heard her talk about owen, a boy in her mothers day out and we don’t talk about boyfriends so I’m not sure where she heard this. She has also started saying I want grandma everytime she gets in trouble and she has learned to make a sad face and say “Please Daddy” or “please Grandpa”. It is ecspecially effective on Grandpa. Jack is obsessed with the movie cars right now and all things related to it. I am always telling him that cars drive on the floor because he tries to put them on the walls all the time. The other day when he was watching the cars movie he saw lightning mcqueen drive on the side of the race track during hte race and he now constantly tells me how “mcqueen drive on the wall…its a no no. ” 

I don’t have time to write anymore now but here are a few pictures. I am trying to get better about taking pictures again but the kids do not really want to participate. I had to bribe them today with candy to get them to sit together..but they are wearing matching outfits so I thought it was worth it.


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