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Christmas is my favorite holiday…it always has been. I love the lights and the music and all the celebrations. I think I like the part leading up to christmas as much or more as the acutaly holiday. This year I have been thinking a lot about holiday traditions. I have been trying to decide what traditions of mine I want to keep and what traditions of Jason’s we will keep and what new traditions we will create with our family.

This year one new tradition that we started was the advent books. As a way to count down to christmas the kids unwrap one book every night before bed. I bought some new ones this year because we didn’t have a ton and borrowed some from Grandma but they all have something to do with Christmas. I tried to get a good mix of Santa themed books and books about the  Nativity. The kids love it. They look forward to reading their book each night and the best part is they like the Santa books and the Nativity books equally. Leah ecspecially loves to talk about baby Jesus and tell me how Mary is his mom.

Another tradition we started was the elf on the shelf. Jason and the kids named the elf Rodger…it wouldn’t have been my first name for an elf, but I was gone the night the elf was named. The kids don’t totally understand it yet but they enjoy looking for Rodger every moring and like seeing where he is sitting.

To celebrate the Christmas season we also have plans to drive around and look at Chrsitmas lights. Jason and I have always done this and the kids love looking at the lights this year so it will be fun to take them. I am also going to attempt to let them make sugar cookies..which might be totally crazy but I am sure they will have a good time. We got the house all decorated I wanted to post a few pictures, mostly for myself. The kids helped…so it looks different than normal but they seem to love it.


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