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Yesterday evening we went to dinner at Chipotle and then drove around and looked at Christmas lights. The kids love looking at lights and scream “Lights lights.” Every time they see anything. It was pretty fun. While we were driving around we started thinking about two years ago when we went to see lights. Two years ago we stopped off at Russel Stovers on the way home and it was our first time taking the babies out in public. It seems like a long long time ago. I remember being so nervous and keeping them all covered up and we were the only ones in the store. We got a little nostalgic and decided to make a stop at Russel Stovers on the way home. The kids were super excited. They hardly ate their chocolate santas but enjoyed running around the store looking at everything.

When we got home both kids had TONS of energy and they ran around in circles for about 30 min laughing and yelling. It was pretty cute. We have been having some issues with bed time and nap time, so we are in the process of moving bed time back to 8. I am hopeful that this will help them to sleep in a little more. This morning they slept until 7, which they haven’t done in a very long time.







Jack is making me exhausted today.  I love his spunk and his energy and inquisitiveness, but sometimes he just wears me out. Today we were trying to run some errands and I had to put his coat on three times and his shoes on twice because he just kept taking them off. Then when we got in the car he cried all the way to costco because his coat wasn’t zipped.  I have also been trying for over forty minutes to get him to take a nap. I know that his perseverance will make him very successful later in life but today I just wish he would do something I ask.

I have found that since I started work my days off are a little nuts. We have errands, laundry, playdates and cleaning all to cram into two days. It makes me wonder how people who work full-time get it all done. Today I have done two loads of laundry, bagged up some clothes that don’t fit Jack anymore, ran to Costco for some essentials, dropped off Jack’s old clothes at a friends, organized a kitchen drawer, cleaned our bathroom and attempted to straighten up the Garage. We are having friends over for dinner tonight and our house currently looks like this….









Luckily they are good friends so they will understand.

We had to put our dog chief to sleep a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if I shared that on the blog or not. Everyone keeps asking me if the kids have noticed and for the most part they haven’t said much. We have an ornament on our tree that looks like Chief and the kids like to kiss it. Today while I was doing dishes Jack starts yelling Big Chief. I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about and then realized that he was looking for the dog. Before I could say anything Leah says ” Chief in Heaven.” Soo cute.

I just had to post a picture of Leah’s outfit today. She insisted on picking it out herself..and we were only going to Costco so I figured it didn’t matter.


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