Jack and Leah–28 Months

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It has been a pretty uneventful week around here. I feel like we are finally starting to get on a more normal schedule after the holiday craziness. Jack and Leah had there first week at Mothers Day Out in almost a month. I was worried that they might have seperation problems because it was such a long break but they both did well and seemed to enjoy their day at school. They talked about snowmen at school and Leah came home telling me all about everything they did. Every week she is very chatty on the way home from school. Jack on the other hand is normally tired and hungry. I have started bringing a snack in the car because he is a bear otherwise.

My mom and sister came up and spent Monday night with us and watched the kids because I had to work on Tuesday. Both kids love having company and ecspecially love having Grandma and Aunt Bailey. My mom slept in the extra bed in the kids room and Leah hasn’t stopped talking about it. She calls it Grandmas bed now and won’t let me sit on it.

I haven’t done a monthly post in a VERY long time so I wanted to write down some things about the kids now.

28 Months


Weight: 25 pounds

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: 18-24 and some 2T

Favorite Foods: Fruit Snacks, Chocolate Milk, pankcakes. He doesn’t like eating right now.

Favorite Toys/Activities: Cars, anything with wheels. He is obsessed with watching Thomas the Train and the Cars movies, He loves running around the house and having leah chase him. Loves playing in his tent and tunnel.

New skills: Can walk up the stairs without holding on to anything, speaks in full sentences (His new favorite thing to say is no mommy I said stop it.), working on colors..we are getting better, great at puzzles, can open the doors, can put some of his shoes on, knows several shapes (cirlce, square, octagon, triangle, star, rectangle)


Weight: 22 pounds

Diaper Size: 4

Clothing : Mostly 18-24 months some 2T dresses

Favorite Foods: Cheese of any kind, apple juice, fruit snacks, Steak, macaroni. This girl loves to eat she is becoming more particular but still eats a lot.

Favorite Toys/Activies: Babies. Leah will play babies all day long. Her favorite babies are named: Amy, Amy, Amy Claire and Zoe. She normally insists on having at least two babies at all times. She likes dress up and pretending to do anything and everything mommy does.

New skills: Speaks in full sentences most of the time, I have heard her count as high as seven but only when she is playing if she thinks about it too much she can’t do it, great at colors, still adding new ballet skills, loves to shake her booty, Can put on her shoes and socks.


Chicken and Cheesy Rice-Recipe

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Every family has those things that they make that there isn’t really a recipe for…those things that you whip up when you don’t know what else to make for dinner. I would like to try and write down as many of these as I can so that I can add to them to our family cookbook. The first one is Chicken and Cheesy Rice. I think everyones family has some version of this they make.

Chicken and Cheesy Rice

3-4 Skinless boneless Chicken Breasts

1 can cream of chicken soup

2 cups of Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Minute Rice

Skim or 2 % Milk

Salt and Pepper

Garlic and onions (optional)

Vegetable Oil



1. Preheat oven to 350 and grease a casserole dish.

2. On the skillet warm up about two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Add chicken and season with salt and pepper..cook chicken until slightly browned on both sides, you do not need to cook the chicken through.  If you want to add 1/4 of a chopped onion and two cloves of garlic minced you can.








3. While the chicken is browning. Mix 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1 1/2 can milk, 1 1/2 can minute rice with about 1 cup of cheese. ( I really like cheese so I use a lot you can use less). Add mixture to casserole dish.







4. When chicken is browned set on top of rice in casserole dish and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Cook at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.

I usually serve with steamed broccoli or grean beans and cresent rolls.


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For the month of January I am going to be working Monday through Friday while the organization I work for goes through some transitions. Jason and I both had the entire week between Christmas and New Years off. It was so nice to have some time as a family. We thought we were going to spend the week relaxing, but we ended up spending the week getting a ton of things on our to do list done. I guess with two year old twins you can never have a whole week of relaxing.

We had to organize toys and take a bunch of stuff to goodwill after bringing all of the kids new Christmas stuff home. I actually spent a lot of time organizing. I cleaned out closets, our pantry and the bathroom cabinents. There are always a ton of things that I want to do but can’t do with the kids and I was able to get a lot done with Jason home. Both kids ended up with ear infections over our break. We took Jack in the Tuesday after Christmas and he got antibiotics and then we took Leah in Right before New Years and she got antibiotics.

We also took a little time for some fun. Jason and I went to dinner with his twin brother and his wife and another one of his sister in laws. The kids spent two nights at Grandma and Grandpas over New Years and we were able to go to one of Jason’s brothers birthdays and have a nice date night the other night. On New Years day we made Pioneer Woman’s Prime rib for my family. It was an awesome meal. I have to say my favorite part was the mushrooms. When she says they are amazing she is not kidding.

Because I am going to be working more this month I decided to make a list of 20 meals that we can make this month and I went to the store and got everything I could that wouldn’t go bad. The kids have not been very good recently when I take them to the store together so I am hoping this will make things easier because we will only have a small list of fresh stuff to get each week. Last weeks menu included: Parmesean crusted porkchops with scallaped potatoes and green beans, baked chicken and cheesy rice with broccoli, tacos and homemade pizza. I need to get on pinterest and starting looking for some recipes for next month. This week we are having Beef and Broccoli, Spagetti and Meatballs, Cajun Spice Shrimp and one of the kids favorties Breakfast for Dinner. I am going to hopefully post some recipes soon.

The kids have been saying the funniest things recently. We were at my parents this weekend and my sister was fighting with my Dad..Jack looked at her and said “It’s time for you to go to bed Aunt Bailey.” I guess he is listening when I tell him he will have to go to bed if he can’t act nice. Then we found some panties for Leah on sale super cheap so I got them for when we start potty training. I asked Leah when she was going to start going to the bathroom in her froggy potty and she said “when I have a princess potty.” The day I bought the potty chair she was with me and she wanted a princess one instead of the cheap frog one I bought…this girl never forgets anything. Another good Jack story happened last week. Jack was walking around the house eating a toaster waffle and all the sudden it was gone. I asked where it was and he said, ” I want a pankcake.” I said no and told him to show me the waffle. He yelled back at me “Show me the pancake mommy..show me the pancake.” I couldn’t but help laugh at that one.

Christmas Part 3

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Our last celebration was with my family. When the kids woke up we took them in the family room to see what Santa had brought them and open stockings. Santa brought Leah a baby bed and Jack got a wheelies ramp. They started playing right away and were having the best time. My parents surprised me with a pair of Ugg boots…I was super excited. I haven’t been that surprised about a present in a long time. In my family we take turns opening presents one at a time and it took us awhile to open everything. We all enjoyed watching the kids play and eating breakfast as we did presents. When we were done with all the wrapped presents Uncle Stephen had a special surprise…he bought them a camping tent which he had put up in the living room. We video taped Jack and Leah seeing the tent for the first time and Jack was soo excited he just kept screaming and jumping around. I will see if I can figure out how to put the video on here because it was soo cute. He was just soo excited. Unfortunately he decided that the tent was just his and threw Leah and all of her stuff out.

After we got the morning stuff cleaned up and everyone showered. Both sets of my Grandparents came and my Aunt and cousin and we all had dinner. It was a laid back afternoon and it was fun to see everyone. Leah had not gotten enough sleep and had possibly had too many celebrations because she was having trouble not falling apart but after a two and half hour nap she was back to her old self. The kids got a lot of great toys and spent the whole afternoon playing with all their new stuff. It was a great holiday.


Christmas Part 2

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Our second celebration was Christmas Eve at Jason’s family. We started by going to church. Jack choose not to take a nap that day and ended up falling asleep in the car on the way to church, so he and Jason stayed in the car for the frist part of the service while Leah and I went and sat with the rest of the family. About twenty minutes later Jack woke up and the boys joined us. Jason and I were both nervous about how the kids would do at church because their behavior had been less than perfect that week but they both did really well. All that day we had talked about how you need to be quiet at chruch and I think that it must have sunk in. At one point a baby cried out and Jack says, “be quiet.” Leah also yelled “baby jesus” a few times but if you are going to yell at chruch baby jesus is probably the thing to yell.

After church we headed to Uncle Tony and Aunt Gina’s house to eat and open presents. We had brisket, cheesy potatoes, ham, green beans and lots of other yummy things. The kids had a blast. They used to be a little scared of all the noise but this year they loved it. They were running around in circles yelling and kept taking breaks to hug everyone. It was fun to see them enjoying themselves. They were also pretty excited about their presents. Jack’s favorite was a giant John Deer truck followed closely by Thomas the Train pajams. Leah’s favorite present was princess dress up clothes followed by her princess Jammies. After the kids opened their presents Uncle Tony gave Aunt Gina a special present that he made.. a bolt family. You have to see the picture to understand. Gina was soo happy she was crying and Leah came up to me and said, “Aunt Gina cry..I hug her.” It was cute to see her trying and make soemone else feel better.

This year the adults decided not to exchange presents and purchase items for an adopt a family instead. As we were opening presents and watching the kids with all of their new toys I couldn’t help but think about that family. We headed to my parents around 9:45 and I was hopeful that the kids would fall asleep on the way there but they were pretty wound up and didn’t end up going to sleep until after we got to Lawrence. It was a great evening!

Christmas Part 1

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Good News. Jason and I finally got a new laptop…or maybe I should just say we got a lap top. For the past two years we have only had an incredibly slow desktop, which was getting slower and slower by the day. The new computer will mean that I can post to the blog much much easier and faster. So look for more posts in the future.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It is so much fun now that the kids are getting bigger and getting excited about the whole thing. I think I am going to do our Christmas in several posts because we had quite a few celebrations.

 Jason and I kicked off our Christmas break by going to dinner with some good friends on the 22nd. We got done with dinner early and didn’t have to be home for the sitter so we ended up doing a little more christmas shopping. Originally Jason and I were just going to get the kids books and movies because we knew that they would get so much from the family, but I couldn’t resist getting them one fun thing each for Santa to bring to our house. Jack got a Race Car from the cars movie and Leah got a baby high chair that can turn into a swing.

On the 23rd Jason had to work for a half a day. I discovered that morning that our camera was broken and decided that I needed to get a new one for christmas. I am the kind of person who starts their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving because I DO NOT want to be shopping the week of Christmas. This was my second or third time in stores this week and it was totally nuts. I took Leah with me and we ended up going to two different stores, bu finally found a camera. I was exhausted after my shopping trip and we decided to get carryout Houlihanns for dinner.

Christmas eve morning Santa had been to our house. When the kids got up we video taped them walking in to see there toys and stockings. Jack was mad that I was making him walk with me and screamed the whole time he was walking in the family room. It is pretty funny to see on the video. Then at some point he realizes that Santa brought him a race car and he got excited. He was afraid to touch it at first because it is a car that makes noise, but I assured him Santa turned it off and then he was fine. The rest of the morning Jack just kept saying…”Santa turned him off.” Leah loved her baby high chair and spent the whole morning playing mommy.

In their stockings the kids got new toothbrushes, magnetic letters, princess magnents, cars magnents, some fruit snacks, magnetic paper dolls, some match box cars and boo boo buddies. I think one of their favorite things was the boo boo buddies, which we have some how already lost Jacks’.

After we openened presents I made eggs, bacon and cheesy grits for breakfast. We hung out in our pajamas most of the day and the kids played with their new toys until it was time to head to Church with Jason’s family. It was nice to have a little celebration with just our family of four.

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