Christmas Part 1

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Good News. Jason and I finally got a new laptop…or maybe I should just say we got a lap top. For the past two years we have only had an incredibly slow desktop, which was getting slower and slower by the day. The new computer will mean that I can post to the blog much much easier and faster. So look for more posts in the future.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It is so much fun now that the kids are getting bigger and getting excited about the whole thing. I think I am going to do our Christmas in several posts because we had quite a few celebrations.

 Jason and I kicked off our Christmas break by going to dinner with some good friends on the 22nd. We got done with dinner early and didn’t have to be home for the sitter so we ended up doing a little more christmas shopping. Originally Jason and I were just going to get the kids books and movies because we knew that they would get so much from the family, but I couldn’t resist getting them one fun thing each for Santa to bring to our house. Jack got a Race Car from the cars movie and Leah got a baby high chair that can turn into a swing.

On the 23rd Jason had to work for a half a day. I discovered that morning that our camera was broken and decided that I needed to get a new one for christmas. I am the kind of person who starts their Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving because I DO NOT want to be shopping the week of Christmas. This was my second or third time in stores this week and it was totally nuts. I took Leah with me and we ended up going to two different stores, bu finally found a camera. I was exhausted after my shopping trip and we decided to get carryout Houlihanns for dinner.

Christmas eve morning Santa had been to our house. When the kids got up we video taped them walking in to see there toys and stockings. Jack was mad that I was making him walk with me and screamed the whole time he was walking in the family room. It is pretty funny to see on the video. Then at some point he realizes that Santa brought him a race car and he got excited. He was afraid to touch it at first because it is a car that makes noise, but I assured him Santa turned it off and then he was fine. The rest of the morning Jack just kept saying…”Santa turned him off.” Leah loved her baby high chair and spent the whole morning playing mommy.

In their stockings the kids got new toothbrushes, magnetic letters, princess magnents, cars magnents, some fruit snacks, magnetic paper dolls, some match box cars and boo boo buddies. I think one of their favorite things was the boo boo buddies, which we have some how already lost Jacks’.

After we openened presents I made eggs, bacon and cheesy grits for breakfast. We hung out in our pajamas most of the day and the kids played with their new toys until it was time to head to Church with Jason’s family. It was nice to have a little celebration with just our family of four.


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