Christmas Part 2

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Our second celebration was Christmas Eve at Jason’s family. We started by going to church. Jack choose not to take a nap that day and ended up falling asleep in the car on the way to church, so he and Jason stayed in the car for the frist part of the service while Leah and I went and sat with the rest of the family. About twenty minutes later Jack woke up and the boys joined us. Jason and I were both nervous about how the kids would do at church because their behavior had been less than perfect that week but they both did really well. All that day we had talked about how you need to be quiet at chruch and I think that it must have sunk in. At one point a baby cried out and Jack says, “be quiet.” Leah also yelled “baby jesus” a few times but if you are going to yell at chruch baby jesus is probably the thing to yell.

After church we headed to Uncle Tony and Aunt Gina’s house to eat and open presents. We had brisket, cheesy potatoes, ham, green beans and lots of other yummy things. The kids had a blast. They used to be a little scared of all the noise but this year they loved it. They were running around in circles yelling and kept taking breaks to hug everyone. It was fun to see them enjoying themselves. They were also pretty excited about their presents. Jack’s favorite was a giant John Deer truck followed closely by Thomas the Train pajams. Leah’s favorite present was princess dress up clothes followed by her princess Jammies. After the kids opened their presents Uncle Tony gave Aunt Gina a special present that he made.. a bolt family. You have to see the picture to understand. Gina was soo happy she was crying and Leah came up to me and said, “Aunt Gina cry..I hug her.” It was cute to see her trying and make soemone else feel better.

This year the adults decided not to exchange presents and purchase items for an adopt a family instead. As we were opening presents and watching the kids with all of their new toys I couldn’t help but think about that family. We headed to my parents around 9:45 and I was hopeful that the kids would fall asleep on the way there but they were pretty wound up and didn’t end up going to sleep until after we got to Lawrence. It was a great evening!


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