Christmas Part 3

January 2, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Our last celebration was with my family. When the kids woke up we took them in the family room to see what Santa had brought them and open stockings. Santa brought Leah a baby bed and Jack got a wheelies ramp. They started playing right away and were having the best time. My parents surprised me with a pair of Ugg boots…I was super excited. I haven’t been that surprised about a present in a long time. In my family we take turns opening presents one at a time and it took us awhile to open everything. We all enjoyed watching the kids play and eating breakfast as we did presents. When we were done with all the wrapped presents Uncle Stephen had a special surprise…he bought them a camping tent which he had put up in the living room. We video taped Jack and Leah seeing the tent for the first time and Jack was soo excited he just kept screaming and jumping around. I will see if I can figure out how to put the video on here because it was soo cute. He was just soo excited. Unfortunately he decided that the tent was just his and threw Leah and all of her stuff out.

After we got the morning stuff cleaned up and everyone showered. Both sets of my Grandparents came and my Aunt and cousin and we all had dinner. It was a laid back afternoon and it was fun to see everyone. Leah had not gotten enough sleep and had possibly had too many celebrations because she was having trouble not falling apart but after a two and half hour nap she was back to her old self. The kids got a lot of great toys and spent the whole afternoon playing with all their new stuff. It was a great holiday.



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