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For the month of January I am going to be working Monday through Friday while the organization I work for goes through some transitions. Jason and I both had the entire week between Christmas and New Years off. It was so nice to have some time as a family. We thought we were going to spend the week relaxing, but we ended up spending the week getting a ton of things on our to do list done. I guess with two year old twins you can never have a whole week of relaxing.

We had to organize toys and take a bunch of stuff to goodwill after bringing all of the kids new Christmas stuff home. I actually spent a lot of time organizing. I cleaned out closets, our pantry and the bathroom cabinents. There are always a ton of things that I want to do but can’t do with the kids and I was able to get a lot done with Jason home. Both kids ended up with ear infections over our break. We took Jack in the Tuesday after Christmas and he got antibiotics and then we took Leah in Right before New Years and she got antibiotics.

We also took a little time for some fun. Jason and I went to dinner with his twin brother and his wife and another one of his sister in laws. The kids spent two nights at Grandma and Grandpas over New Years and we were able to go to one of Jason’s brothers birthdays and have a nice date night the other night. On New Years day we made Pioneer Woman’s Prime rib for my family. It was an awesome meal. I have to say my favorite part was the mushrooms. When she says they are amazing she is not kidding.

Because I am going to be working more this month I decided to make a list of 20 meals that we can make this month and I went to the store and got everything I could that wouldn’t go bad. The kids have not been very good recently when I take them to the store together so I am hoping this will make things easier because we will only have a small list of fresh stuff to get each week. Last weeks menu included: Parmesean crusted porkchops with scallaped potatoes and green beans, baked chicken and cheesy rice with broccoli, tacos and homemade pizza. I need to get on pinterest and starting looking for some recipes for next month. This week we are having Beef and Broccoli, Spagetti and Meatballs, Cajun Spice Shrimp and one of the kids favorties Breakfast for Dinner. I am going to hopefully post some recipes soon.

The kids have been saying the funniest things recently. We were at my parents this weekend and my sister was fighting with my Dad..Jack looked at her and said “It’s time for you to go to bed Aunt Bailey.” I guess he is listening when I tell him he will have to go to bed if he can’t act nice. Then we found some panties for Leah on sale super cheap so I got them for when we start potty training. I asked Leah when she was going to start going to the bathroom in her froggy potty and she said “when I have a princess potty.” The day I bought the potty chair she was with me and she wanted a princess one instead of the cheap frog one I bought…this girl never forgets anything. Another good Jack story happened last week. Jack was walking around the house eating a toaster waffle and all the sudden it was gone. I asked where it was and he said, ” I want a pankcake.” I said no and told him to show me the waffle. He yelled back at me “Show me the pancake mommy..show me the pancake.” I couldn’t but help laugh at that one.


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