Jack and Leah–28 Months

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It has been a pretty uneventful week around here. I feel like we are finally starting to get on a more normal schedule after the holiday craziness. Jack and Leah had there first week at Mothers Day Out in almost a month. I was worried that they might have seperation problems because it was such a long break but they both did well and seemed to enjoy their day at school. They talked about snowmen at school and Leah came home telling me all about everything they did. Every week she is very chatty on the way home from school. Jack on the other hand is normally tired and hungry. I have started bringing a snack in the car because he is a bear otherwise.

My mom and sister came up and spent Monday night with us and watched the kids because I had to work on Tuesday. Both kids love having company and ecspecially love having Grandma and Aunt Bailey. My mom slept in the extra bed in the kids room and Leah hasn’t stopped talking about it. She calls it Grandmas bed now and won’t let me sit on it.

I haven’t done a monthly post in a VERY long time so I wanted to write down some things about the kids now.

28 Months


Weight: 25 pounds

Diaper size: 4

Clothing size: 18-24 and some 2T

Favorite Foods: Fruit Snacks, Chocolate Milk, pankcakes. He doesn’t like eating right now.

Favorite Toys/Activities: Cars, anything with wheels. He is obsessed with watching Thomas the Train and the Cars movies, He loves running around the house and having leah chase him. Loves playing in his tent and tunnel.

New skills: Can walk up the stairs without holding on to anything, speaks in full sentences (His new favorite thing to say is no mommy I said stop it.), working on colors..we are getting better, great at puzzles, can open the doors, can put some of his shoes on, knows several shapes (cirlce, square, octagon, triangle, star, rectangle)


Weight: 22 pounds

Diaper Size: 4

Clothing : Mostly 18-24 months some 2T dresses

Favorite Foods: Cheese of any kind, apple juice, fruit snacks, Steak, macaroni. This girl loves to eat she is becoming more particular but still eats a lot.

Favorite Toys/Activies: Babies. Leah will play babies all day long. Her favorite babies are named: Amy, Amy, Amy Claire and Zoe. She normally insists on having at least two babies at all times. She likes dress up and pretending to do anything and everything mommy does.

New skills: Speaks in full sentences most of the time, I have heard her count as high as seven but only when she is playing if she thinks about it too much she can’t do it, great at colors, still adding new ballet skills, loves to shake her booty, Can put on her shoes and socks.


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