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We have been trying a lot of new recipes lately. We are trying to eat at home more and making something new and exciting makes it more appealing. One of our new recipes this week was an alvacado BLT. IT WAS AWESOME. I was just going to make regular BLT’s but then I remembered I had an avocado and something that I had seen on pinterest once upon a time (don’t you just love pinterest). This particular recipe I found on Kitchen Daily, which I had never looked at before but is a very cool site. What makes the sandwich is the pink mayo, which is mayo, siracha chili sauce ane lemon juice. I’m a big fan of flavored mayos they make them seem so much fancier for some reason. Anyway, if you want to check out the recipe you can find it here.. I highly recommend it.

I am back to having Friday’s off…whooo hoo. I feel like I am finally getting caught up on all my chores around the house that got neglected over the past month. Today we are just enjoying a quite day. The kids slept in a little (7:30) and then played in their beds until almost 8:00. It was amazing. Then the three of us cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons while I got the laundry going.

After we all got up and around we headed to the store. I have been trying to watch sales and shop with coupons and am happy to say that I saved $18 with coupons today. I am not an extreme couponer or anything…I still spent a good chunk of money but I’ll taken th $18. That is almost a Chipotle dinner for the family. The kids are funny at the grocery store. They talk the entire time and love to tell me everything they see. We talk about colors and fruits and veggies. when we walked by the fruit Jack screamed “I LOVE Watermelon.” I had to get him some. If he LOVES any fruit its fine by me.

After going to the grocery store we ended up hitting McDonalds on the way home.

The kids have not been eating well and I thought maybe they would eat that. Plus it is really hard to cook lunch and put away groceries at the same time. The McDonalds trip did not work.. Jack ended up eating a few fries and half his weight in watermelon. I tried to unload the groceries but kept getting distracted and my kitchen looked like the picture below for a good portion of the day.



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Hello there, I haven’t totally forgotten about the blog. It just hasn’t been a priority recently. So what have we been up to? Not a whole lot. Jack and Leah have colds and have had low  grade fevers off and on all week. It has been uncharacteristicly warm around here and we have all been trying to enjoy as much outside time as possibly. We have done some cooking. The kids are getting where they love to help and I have been trying to find as many things that they can help with as possible. Leah’s favorite thing to make is cookies…mostly because she likes to lick the spoon and steel chocolate chips.

I know I say this all the time but the kids seem really grown up recently. They just are not babies at all anymore. Although, I still call them my babies… I probably always will. They are talking like crazy. Leah’s new favorite phrase now is “you better believe it.” She has also been just talking and having conversations with us which is so cute. If we do anyhing wrong she never forgets and reminds us all the time. I was brushing her teeth about a week ago and brushed a little to hard where she is getting her new molar and now everytime we brush teeth Leah says, “Mommy hurt my teeth.” Jack is normally giving commands or making requests…ocassionally telling me about something Leah has done. He is also starting to recognize letters. We have a book that spells out ocean and he can tell me what all the letters are.

Well that is about it. We don’t have much planned for the weekend. We having some friends over to watch the superbowl but that is about it. Here are some new pictures.

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