Two and half

April 9, 2012 at 9:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I am going to try and start writing in the blog more often again. I really want to try and remember the funny things that are happening right now. This post is going to be a little random with things I want to write down.

I am finding two and a half a very challenging age. Jack and Leah are becoming very independent and want to do EVERYTHING themselves. Sometimes this is great and other times it means things take twice as long as normal and require a clean up crew afterwords. We have also had a lot of fits which can be a challenge when they are both having a day where they don’t want to listen. I just keep telling myself that their stubbornness or commitment to things will serve them well later in life. : )

They are both talking like crazy and say the funniest things these days. I was calling Leah silly names this afternoon like “sugar bear” and  “my little pumpkin” and she looked and me and said “I’m not a Sugar bear I’m just a Leah”. I then called her “Princess Leah” and she said, “Mommy I”m just a regular Leah.” Jack has decided that it is funny to talk in a really deep voice..imagine a two-year using a darth vader voice. When Jack says Grandpa it sounds a lot like crap-pa now which cracks me up every time. I really need to get it on video tape.

Both kids love being outside right now. They love to play in the mulch and dirt and just wander around the back yard. Their other favorite activity is reading..but they don’t want me to read them books they want to read the books by themselves. The funny thing is they really do remember the stories. Leah can reciete them almost word for word. I always think that they aren’t paying attention when I read but they are. Leah is also still into her babies and Jack loves his cars. Their favorite movie is Madagascar( also known as move it move it). Jack is watching more and more of the movies each time. Leah still has a pretty short attention span for most TV and Movies.

We have decided to go to Florida again and take the kiddos. They are already very excited and ask all the time when we are going to the Beach. They also remember a ton of the things that we did last time. Leah asked me about Shuffle board the other day and then told me that Uncle Stephen watches his laptop on the airplane. It makes me realize how big they are getting.  This time my parents and brother and sister won’t be flying down with us but will be meeting us down there a few days later so Jason and I will be navigating the airport with the kids by ourselves. I hope they behave.

My mom took Leah for a couple of days so Jack and I are having a special Mommy Jack day tomorrow. I haven’t decided what we are doing for sure but it will be nice to have some one on one time. I will try and post some pics of our day tomorrow.



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