Jack’s Glasses-Day 1

May 11, 2012 at 4:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

We picked up Jack’s glasses today. I debated if we should start wearting them or not because we are going out of town in the morning, but after much debate decided the sooner he got them the better. All the way to the eye doctor we talked about glasses and people we know that wear glasses. It surprised me how many of our friends and realatives Jack rememberd wearing glasses. I also promised Jack that because it was a glasses day we would go to the toystore and pick out a new train. He was super excited.

When he first tried the glasses on he started crying and getting upset and saying they were too big. Then all of the sudden he started actually looking through the glasse. He looked at the carpet and his shoes and a big smile spread across his little face. It was pretty amazing to see him realizing he could see.  Then he said “Jack wear the glass. Jack get a train, ” and he grabbed Leah’s hand and walked out of the office. He looked so proud.

As promised we headed straight to the toy store. When we got out he looked at the payment and said..”rocks in the ground.” He bend down to touch it and kept saying “mommy there are rocks.” I didn’t realize how bad his eyes had really been. At the toy store he picked out two triains…although mommy promised one, I gave in. We also found some baby bottles for Leah so she wouldn’t feel left out. For one last surprise we headed to lunch with our friends Lindsey and Aiden at the Train resteraunt..Jack’s favorite. He wore his glasses the whole time. I was so proud and excited for him.

When we got home he wanted to take them off for awhile and I agreed but he put them back on after nap and is doing pretty well. I added some pictures.. I have to say he looks pretty darn cute! Please excuse the fact that he has no pants on.. we are choosing our battles today.



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  1. He looks so cute, Natalie! Hope the transition to glasses continues to go well. Way to plan a special day for him. You’re a great mom!

  2. The glasses are absolutely adorable! I remember when we got Eddie’s first pair that they said it can take about two weeks before the kids really get used to wearing them, but once they figure out that they can see better with the glasses on, it’s usually pretty easy and they’re really good about it from there out. It sounds like Jack’s passed that hurdle already! You guys are doing great!

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