Jack’s Trip to the Eye Doctor

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*** I wrote this about a week ago but couldn’t decide if I wanted to post it or not..so I’ll do two today*****

About four to six months ago our babysitter, my mom and I had all noticed that Jack squinted somtimes and often blinked a lot. We went to our regular pediatrician and she said it all looked good to her and the blinking might be a childhood tick, but we should go ahead and take him to the eye doctor anyway. I almost canceled the appointment because I hadn’t seen him do either of these things in over a week but decided that we would just take him anyway. I figrued the doctor would just tell us that he was fine and two year olds did wierd things.

When we got there the nurse put drops in his eyes and then we had to wait for them to dialte. We were there over an hour before we actually saw a doctor. I was extremely glad that my mom had come with me for this appointment. The kids were pretty good as far as two year olds are concered but keeping them quiet and happy that long isn’t an easy task. When we finally saw the doctor he held little lenses up and looked in Jack’s eye. He got one lense out first and then another.. I knew he wasn’t seeing twenty twenty vision and my heart dropped a little. Jack was so good. My little man who is normally yelling and running and never sits still did everything the doctor asked and sat quietly on my lap. The doctor didn’t say a word until he was done and then he said it, “Jack is going to need some glasses.” I wanted to cry. I know in the whole scheme of things it isn’t a big deal. I know we are so blessed as a family, we have a place to live, enough to eat and healthy otherwise but this was hard. My baby is going to have to wear glasses.. I had so many things running through my head but the doctor wasn’t done yet. He said jack was very nearsighted more so than most kids. He warned me that the glasses would be thick and make his eyes look magnified. I asked a few questions and the kids started to get fussy so we packed up and headed out to pick out glasses.

Jack didn’t even want to try the glasses on. I’m not sure how wearing them will be when he won’t even let us put them on his face. They had tons of cute choices but we went with the rubber ones…which are not as cute because the doctor, nurse and woman at the eye glass place recommended them. They don’t get in for over a week so we will start this new journey when we get back from florida.

Jason is out of town right now and I put the kids to bed and immedeatly started reading everything I could find on the internet about kids and glasses. I looked at tips for getting kids to wear glasses, how to introduce them, how often we would go to the eye doctor, and all that jazz. Reading all of this information brought on a whole range of emotions. I don’t think I really processed any of this information until I was sitting in front of the computer reading.  I felt guilty for not taking Jack to the doctor sooner, I worried about how we will keep the glasses on and how we will make him understand they are important. I wondered what the world looks like to Jack. I wondered if he got headaches from not being able to see. I felt upset we had to buy the rubber glasses becasue they weren’t as cute.  

I know that someday and probably someday soon I will look back on this and laugh becuase something that seemed like such a big deal will not be a big deal at all.


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