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We just got back from 11 days in Florida. We had a GREAT time! The kids were so well behaved the entire trip. I was prepared for a long flight but the kids sat so nice on the plane and played with their new toys and watched Ummi Zummi on the kindle. I wish I had brought a book because I would have actually been able to read. They got a little frustrated when we first got there becasue we had to get the rental car and go to Walmart and they just kept saying “we are going to the beach.” I think they thought Jason and I got confused about what we were supposed to be doing.

Jack and Leah loved the beach.. they loved playing in the sand, the water and playing on the screened in porch of our “little house.” We spent a lot of time at the beach and I was even able to read not one but TWO books while we were there. We visited the aquarium and saw the Sharks eat. We made delicious meals and watched the sunset.. or as Leah said “we watch the sun go night night in the ocean.” We fed Vanna White aka Banana Wipe a bird at the cottages and we spent a lot of quality family time. We cannot wait to go back!

An update on Jack’s glasses…he is doing fantastic! He keeps them on all the time and has been a so well behaved since he started wearing them. I think he must have been getting headaches frequently before. You can tell he can see better… I love watching him read books now. We got a new alphabet book about the ocean and he can tell me about 3/4 of the letters.


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