7 Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

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It is snowing here…. a lot. I felt like it might be one be one of those times when the news anchors say we are going to get 10 inches and then we get two, but they were actually right this time. The kids have enjoyed having a snow/ pajama day and we have come up with some pretty fun activities. Next time you find yourself stuck at home with two toddlers here are some fun things to keep you all busy.

1. Play in the Snow- This one is obvious. All kids loves to play in the snow. We got bundled up and Daddy, who was working from home today, took a quick break to brave the cold weather with us. Unfortunately I had packed up our snow gear for the move so I was sent digging through boxes to find enough stuff to keep my troops warm.

Leah playing in the snow.

Leah playing in the snow.



















2. Have an Indoor Picnic-For some reason Jack and Leah LOVE to have picnics inside. I think it may be because Grandma Rhonda let them have a picnic and they think anything she does is fun. I spread out a big blanket on the floor and let them eat.. the amazing thing is they actually eat their lunches.


Leah having a picnic.

Leah having a picnic.





Jack enjoying his picnic.

Jack enjoying his picnic.












3. Make Snow Ice Cream-This was a first for us today. You just mix a can of evaporated milk with 1 tsp of vanilla and 8 cups of snow and magically you have ice cream. It actually looks like ice cream and the kids thought it was great. We did have to try twice because Leah decided to put some pieces of lunch that were still on the floor after our picnic in the first bowl of snow. Jack thought it was hillarious; unfortunatly, Mommy did not.

Snow Ice Cream










4. Play with Snow in the Bath Tub-I had seen this idea somewhere and the kids were full of energy today so we gave it a try. It was going really well until Jack started to have a snow ball fight and threw snow out of the bathtub. It would probably be easier with one toddler instead of two.

5. Make Snowman Pictures with Marshmellows-Jack and Leah love to glue. They want me to find them art projects where they get to use glue everyday. They also constantly remind their friends Jace and Ireland have glue with glitter. Leah told me today if we had the glitter glue her snowman would have been prettier.

024 021










6. Watch a Movie. The kids picked Peter Pan today. They got this as a Valentines Gift and they absolutly love it. We have watched it probably ten times and they watch the entire movie every time. It is funny to watch them anticipate the funny parts.

7. Make Lego Towers-Legos are one of the kids new favorite toys. The kids got some duplo for Christmas which has also made their mega blocks more interesting. They love to build towers and then knock them down. It is even more fun when Mommy or Daddy participates.














Here is a picture of the back of our house to give you an idea of how much snow we actually got. It has snowed even more since this was taken.



A new Post… no really!

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Its been awhile since I posted….a long while. Life has been busy around here and I was going to just quit the blog altogether but I recently decided that I wanted to bring it back. Since I last wrote in the blog a lot has happend… I had open heart surgery, we sold our house (we move tuesday), we celebrated several holidays, Jason has been traveling for work, Leah is now potty trained and both kids are sleeping in big kid beds. I won’t attempt to write about everything that happend becasue it would just be way too much..so I will just stick with this week.

We move in less than a week to our new house. We are super excited but it is a stressful process as well. We are at the point of packing that our house is just chaotic. Today all of it is somewhat overwhelming to me so I did what makes me calm… I decided to cook. A lot of my cooking equipment was packed so I didn’t have a lot of choices and ended up trying some Kale chips that I had at cardiac rehab last week. I’m hoping they will be a hit with the kids.

001Kale Chips

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 teaspoon Seasoning Salt

1 bunch Kale

Directions 1. Wash and dry Kale 2. Pull leaves of kale off of steam and break into small pieces. 3. Toss Kale with Olive Oil and Seasoning Salt 4. Spread on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and bake at 350 for 10 to 15 minutes.


Tomorrow it is suppose to snow and I am looking forward to a nice little snow day with the kids. I have several things planned. I got stuff to make snow ice cream..I found instructions here on pinterest. I also got stuff to make this chicken noodle soup. I’m not sure if I will do the heart shaped carrotts or not. I made them last time but my family was not impressed with my carving skills.  I also picked up some marshmellows to make snowman pictures and possibly some hot chocolate. If it snows I’ll try to post some pictures of our fun filled day.









This is what Jack and Leah are doing right now.. they never sleep at school anymore so they come home wiped out…and I let them watch a couple of shows before getting back into things.

032 033

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