Great Three Day Weekend

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We had a fabulous three day weekend. jason was gone a lot last week and we all really enjoyed getting an extra day with him. The kids and I started off Friday with a playdate with some new neighbors and a Chipotle lunch. The kids LOVE chipotle so this is always a big treat for them.


Friday night we had one of my best friends over for dinner with her family. We got pizza and let the kids play. Leah and Lexi had a wonderful time playing dress up. These two crack me up. Leah is doing a princess ballet camp with Lexi this summer and she cannot stop talking about it.


Saturday morning we crossed another item off of our summer bucket list and went to the Overland Park Farmers market. We stopped at the clock tower bakery and got some yummy yummy breakfast pizza. At the market we found fresh spinach, strawberries and bread to eat at dinner.


After breakfast we home so the kids could play in the water table and Daddy could mow. We just bought the water table last week and I know that the kids are almost too old but I decided this would be better than the pool this year. They absolutely love the water table and it kept them entertained for hours!

After a quick lunch we went on a really long walk and park trip. We made these fabulous kebabs for dinner with a fresh spinach salad and strawberries and whip cream for dinner. The kebabs are going to be added to our regular rotation for dinner.



Sunday we went to church and a Graduation party for our niece Courtney. Everyone had a great time but I forgort to take very many pictures.

Monday we had a lazy day but finished up with weekend with a great steak dinner and some fun play time with the neighbors. Our new neighborhood is filled with kids which is awesome.


Our busy and food filled week….

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I am finally getting around to posting about our week. Last weekend was jam packed and we all seem to have a cold/virus thing. After being up on and off most of Saturday night with coughing kids I decided that we were going to wave the white flag and cancel everything for Sunday. We hung around the house and went to bed early. We did accomplish one item from our Summer Bucket List–We got slushies from Quick Trip. I didn’t get any pictures but we can offically mark one item off.

Monday we spent the majority of the day at home. We made birthday cards for Uncle Stephen and wrote letters to Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. I have read that you will get something back in the mail from Mickey and Cinderella which might be fun since we are visiting them in September.





Tuesday Daddy left for a work trip and the kids and I headed to Lawrence to celeberate Uncle Stephen’s Birthday. We went to dinner with my family at a local Brewery..YUM! After dinner we came back and had homeade Lemon Pie and Chocoalte Pie that I made. The lemon pie turned out great..the chocoalte pie could have been better. I like to cook but pies is not my specialty. I think it may have to be something I start working on.

photo (8)photo (6)

Wednesday we stayed at Grandma and Grandpas house most of the day. Daddy was still gone and I let the kids pick what they ate for dinner. Jack choose Cheerios and vienna sausages. Gross. At one point I realized that he was mixing them together. Double Gross. At least he was eating. Leah picked berries with cool whip and pasta. Jack was having a bit of a rough day yesterday. We are still struggling with the potty training…and had an incident at Grandmas and then I went to the bathroom after dinner only to come out and find jack totally naked. I have no idea what prompted that. I decided it was a sign that it was bath and bed time.

photo (4)

Today we are celebrating Cinderellas birthday at our house. Every few weeks Leah decides that it is one of her babies birthdays so we have to make a cake and have a party. I didn’t have much going on so I decided to play along. We have also been playing princess and cowboys most of the day. Cowboy Jack “saves” Princess Leah from the bears (which are stuffed and sometimes not actually bears) It is one of the few things they play together and hillarious to listen to.



We also made some Smore Pops today. They look so cute! We are having some friends over tomorrow to celebrate the last day of school (for their mommy) and decided this was the perfect dessert to kick off summer.


Last Day of Mother’s Day Out

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Today is the kids last day of Mother’s Day out for the year. We decided not to do the summer session and do some other fun things princess ballet camp and t-ball. Next year they will officially be in preschool. It’s hard for me to believe how big they are already.


Just for fun here is a picture of the kids from the first day of Mother’s Day out this year and the last day.

007 005

I some how enededd up with an ear infection. I spent most of the time they were at school on Monday at the doctors office and I am planning on spending most of the day today in bed. Hopefully I will start feeling better soon.

Summer Bucket List for Preschoolers

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018Here is our 2013 Summer Bucket list

I’m gooing to try and take pictures and update as we go along. Hopefully we will be able to do all of these things. The kids are at such a fun age I can’t wait for summer to start. What is on your summer bucket list?

Go to a movie
DeAnna Rose Farmstead
Go to the Kansas City Zoo
Go to the Topeka Zoo
Go to the Overland Park Botanical Gardens
Go to the Agricultural Hall of Fame and Ride the Train
Have a water gun fight
Play in the Sprinklers
Go to the pool
Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
Get snow cones or shaved ice
Go to a baseball game
Have a car wash for Jack’s outside trucks
Picnic in the park
Have a tea party with friends
Buy fresh corn from the farm
Visit a farmers market
Make Smores
Paint with watercolors
Catch Lightening bugs
Get Doughnuts for Breakfast
Vacation Bible School
Get slushes
Sponge Ball Fight
Swim Lessons
Giant Ice Block Game
Camp in the Backyard
Make Dirt cake for dessert
Pick Fresh Asparagus
Have a date night with each kid
Go to a local Fair
Make Glow Stick LanternsMake
Homeade Ice Cream with Grandma
Pick Blueberries

Mother’s Day

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I know I’m late but Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I interviewed each of the kids about me and thought I would post their answers.

My mom is: 78 years old.
She likes to: play with me and Leah and wash the dishes.
The best thing she cooks is: eggs.
Her favorite thing to do to relax is: read Thomas books.
My favorite thing we do together is: play trains together.
Mommy is special because: she is a mommy.
Mommy always says: Go to the bathroom and potty.
Mommy laughs when: Dogs lick her and when I lick her.
Mommy’s job is: to cook.

My mom is: 21 years old.
She likes to: cook and help people shop.
The best thing she cooks is: spagetti.
Her favorite thing to do to relax is: to play babies together.
My favorite thing we do together is: play babies.
Mommy is special because: she loves me.
Mommy always says: I love you.
Mommy laughs when: people tickle her.
Mommy’s job is: cooking.

Our Week

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The kids and I have done some really fun things this past week. I have been trying to plan more activities in an effort to keep them busy. Here are a few of the things that were keeping us busy.

We made zucchini chips last weekend. I love cooking and I really want the kids to learn to love it to…sometimes its just such a mess to let them help. I have been trying to do it more and they have been really enjoying it. The zucchini chips weren’t great but they both tried them.


We went to Courtney’s high school graduation (Jason’s niece). The kids were actually very well-behaved. I wasn’t sure how it would go since it started at seven but they enjoyed watching everything and clapping for everyone.

015 012 011

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided that we were going to forget everything and just go to Deanna Rose.We didn’t take a stroller and on our way there I asked Jack and Leah why is it important to stay with mommy and Leah said, “So you don’t get lost or people don’t take you.” I was impressed she actually knew. The kids did great! They had so much fun and stayed right with me. When we got there I realized it was “field trip time” and there were 900 other kids there. At the end of the afternoon we were getting ready to leave and Leah says, “Mommy, since we were so good I think we need popsicles.” I’m a soft touch…so we had popsicles. The kids thanked me about 100 times and Leah kept telling me I was the best Mom ever. Apparently we need more popsicles at our house.

030 020 022 018 026 028 037 032


For dinner I made these fajitas, which were great. I didn’t take any pictures but I will next time. The kids wanted to eat on the porch and watch the rain and then we let them play in the rain after dinner. They had the best time. It was a great day!

043 042

Bath Time Fun

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The kids love taking a bath in the new big bath tub…soo many bubbles. I took some pictures the other night and thought they were too cute not to share.






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Jason had a business meeting in Seattle this past week and I decided to tag along. I am soo grateful to my mom for watching the kiddos while I was gone. It was a much needed rest for me and it was nice for Jason and I to have some time alone. When you have little kids just having a day or two to be in charge of only yourself is nice. I did a little shopping, a little sightseeing, I may have even had a glass of wine with my lunch: ) Jason and I had dinner and could actually hear each other talk. It was great! That being said I was ready to see the kids. Here are a couple of pictures from our trip.

051 044 021


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I find cooking calming. It seems like cooking is one of those things that you either love or hate. I have always liked but I think my new kitchen makes it a little more fun. A few days ago Leah was being a pistol..she choose not to take a nap and then decided that she was going to do everything in her power to make sure Jack didn’t take one either. I gave in a let her watch a movie because little dude was sleeping soundly and he needed the rest. While she was watching Snow White for the eleventh time in the past couple of weeks I decided I might as well cook since I had to be in the kitchen anyway.

I started off with homemade bisquits..I tried these a few weeks after we moved in but I didn’t roll them out thick enough and they were kinda crispy. I am happy to say that today they turned out perfect this time. I used this recipe from, “The Joy of Cooking” but I used half and half instead of milk. I should probably be trying to make the recipe lighter instead of adding extra calories but I had the half and half and decided to go for it. Look at these babies…. Nice huh?



Then I had a little more time..everyone was being good so I decided to find a new recipe for the chicken we were having for dinner. I found a version of Chick-a-filet nuggets on pinterest and then made a sauce to go with them. I made a regular version of the sauce and then decided to make a spicy version for the hubby. I added Siracha Chili sauce a little Cayenne pepper to it.


Last I made macaroni and cheese. I normally use a recipe from my mom and Grandma that I will have to post another time but I decided to try a new version I adapted from a Southern Living version today. I have posted it below.

Macaroni and Cheese

1/4 cup butter and 1/4 cup flour

1/2 tsp garlic Salt

1/2 tsp fresh cracked pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

3/4 cup half and half

1/4 cup milk

15 oz shredded cheese ( I used mostly sharp cheddar but threw in some parmesan cheese as well.)

8 oz uncooked elbow noodles


1. Cook elbow noodles according to the package directions.

2. Melt the butter. Slowly whisk in flour stirring constantly for 2 min. Make sure you do it for the whole two minutes or it will taste like raw flour.

3. Stir in salt and peppers

4. Gradually add milk and stir constantly until thickened 8-10 min (I normally warm it up in the microwave first because it thickens faster)

5. Add 3/4 of the cheese. It looked so good at this point that I may have eaten some of it with a spoon. Then I let Leah eat some. She agreed with me, its delicious. She asked for a bowl of it, but I drew the line there. I think I may need to make some fondue for this girl.


6. stir in noodles.

7. Place in baking dish top with remaining cheese and bake for 20 min at 350.

The dinner went over very well. Jason really liked the spicy version of the sauce and Jack and Leah loved the nuggets.


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