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The kids and I have done some really fun things this past week. I have been trying to plan more activities in an effort to keep them busy. Here are a few of the things that were keeping us busy.

We made zucchini chips last weekend. I love cooking and I really want the kids to learn to love it to…sometimes its just such a mess to let them help. I have been trying to do it more and they have been really enjoying it. The zucchini chips weren’t great but they both tried them.


We went to Courtney’s high school graduation (Jason’s niece). The kids were actually very well-behaved. I wasn’t sure how it would go since it started at seven but they enjoyed watching everything and clapping for everyone.

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Yesterday was a beautiful day and I decided that we were going to forget everything and just go to Deanna Rose.We didn’t take a stroller and on our way there I asked Jack and Leah why is it important to stay with mommy and Leah said, “So you don’t get lost or people don’t take you.” I was impressed she actually knew. The kids did great! They had so much fun and stayed right with me. When we got there I realized it was “field trip time” and there were 900 other kids there. At the end of the afternoon we were getting ready to leave and Leah says, “Mommy, since we were so good I think we need popsicles.” I’m a soft touch…so we had popsicles. The kids thanked me about 100 times and Leah kept telling me I was the best Mom ever. Apparently we need more popsicles at our house.

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For dinner I made these fajitas, which were great. I didn’t take any pictures but I will next time. The kids wanted to eat on the porch and watch the rain and then we let them play in the rain after dinner. They had the best time. It was a great day!

043 042


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