Our busy and food filled week….

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I am finally getting around to posting about our week. Last weekend was jam packed and we all seem to have a cold/virus thing. After being up on and off most of Saturday night with coughing kids I decided that we were going to wave the white flag and cancel everything for Sunday. We hung around the house and went to bed early. We did accomplish one item from our Summer Bucket List–We got slushies from Quick Trip. I didn’t get any pictures but we can offically mark one item off.

Monday we spent the majority of the day at home. We made birthday cards for Uncle Stephen and wrote letters to Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. I have read that you will get something back in the mail from Mickey and Cinderella which might be fun since we are visiting them in September.





Tuesday Daddy left for a work trip and the kids and I headed to Lawrence to celeberate Uncle Stephen’s Birthday. We went to dinner with my family at a local Brewery..YUM! After dinner we came back and had homeade Lemon Pie and Chocoalte Pie that I made. The lemon pie turned out great..the chocoalte pie could have been better. I like to cook but pies is not my specialty. I think it may have to be something I start working on.

photo (8)photo (6)

Wednesday we stayed at Grandma and Grandpas house most of the day. Daddy was still gone and I let the kids pick what they ate for dinner. Jack choose Cheerios and vienna sausages. Gross. At one point I realized that he was mixing them together. Double Gross. At least he was eating. Leah picked berries with cool whip and pasta. Jack was having a bit of a rough day yesterday. We are still struggling with the potty training…and had an incident at Grandmas and then I went to the bathroom after dinner only to come out and find jack totally naked. I have no idea what prompted that. I decided it was a sign that it was bath and bed time.

photo (4)

Today we are celebrating Cinderellas birthday at our house. Every few weeks Leah decides that it is one of her babies birthdays so we have to make a cake and have a party. I didn’t have much going on so I decided to play along. We have also been playing princess and cowboys most of the day. Cowboy Jack “saves” Princess Leah from the bears (which are stuffed and sometimes not actually bears) It is one of the few things they play together and hillarious to listen to.



We also made some Smore Pops today. They look so cute! We are having some friends over tomorrow to celebrate the last day of school (for their mommy) and decided this was the perfect dessert to kick off summer.



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