Summer Bucket List for Kansas City Preschoolers-Recap

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At the beginning of the summer I created a summer bucket list. I wanted to make sure the kids and I were finding fun things to do and didn’t get stuck in a rut of just hanging out at home all the time. We didn’t quite get all of the things on our bucket list done but we did a good portion of them.

Go to a Movie:

We went to several movies this summer and the kids did great. I enjoy going to the movies and I am glad that they have finally reached the age where we can do things like this. We went to some of Dickinson’s Summer Movie Vacation Series (The Lorax and Madagascar 3). The theater near our house showed older kids movies for $2 that started at 10 and 12:30 . I know that the theater at Legends as a similar program, but the movies are actually free. We also went to Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 and Planes.

Deanna Rose Farmstead:

I can’t say enough about this place. It is free and we love it. The kids loved it as much at 18 months as they do now. This year we did the gold mining and fishing for the first times. We went here as much as possible.



Go to the Kansas City Zoo

We are members of the zoo and didn’t take advantage of this as much as I would have liked. We live further than we use to which makes it a bit of a drive. The few times we went we made sure to hit up the animal shows. The kids LOVE them. We are hoping to visit the zoo a few more times this fall.


Water Gun Fight:

We did this so often this summer. The kids loved it. I did try to buy water guns at the dollar store…bad idea. They were really hard to fill up. We discovered the squirt bottles made for cleaning are actually the best I bought the kids each one and let them decorate them. I think next year I may buy them for the whole neighborhood.

Play in the Sprinklers:

This was is self explanatory. We also got a water table this summer which was a lot of fun. We didn’t even bother with a baby pool because they liked the water table so much more.

Go to the Pool:

We didn’t do this as often as I would have liked because I still don’t feel 100% comfortable taking them both at the same time.

Get Ice Cream:

Our favorite place for ice cream and shakes is sonic.


Buy Corn at the Farm:

I missed out on this one. Jack and Leah went with Grandma Rhonda and Grandpa Kirk to Bismarck Gardens.

Paint with Water Colors:

Cheap water colors and an easel will keep my kids entertained for hours.



Get Doughnuts for Breakfast:

I took Leah early one Saturday morning in her jammies and we picked out Doughnuts for the whole family. I love getting to do things one on one with the kids and there was nothing sweeter than my little princess dressed in princess jammies helping me get breakfast.

Vacation Bible School:

The kids had so much fun this year at VBS. I volunteered for the week and it was a great way to meet some new friends at our new Church.


Get Slushies:

We took Aunt Bailey to quick trip at the beginning of the summer.

Dirt Cake:

Jack and Leah helped me make these when some friends came over for dinner. I’m always looking for ways my little ones can help in the kitchen and this was the perfect dish.

Make Homemade Ice Cream:

Technically Grandma made the ice cream but we all ate it.

Pick Blueberries:

We went to Happy Valley Farm in Desoto with some friends. Jack ate a blueberry that wasn’t quite ready right off the bat and then thought they were all yucky but enjoyed picking them. Leah was eating as she was going along. We came home and made blueberry muffins with the rest.


Other Fun Summer Activities:

*Story time at the Library and visits to the library

*Gymnastics Classes through Parks and Rec


*Princess Ballet Camp for Leah


*T-ball for Jack


*Swimming Lessons (Jack and Leah may not agree it was fun)


*Put the tent up in the backyard and played camping

*Put the tent up in the house and played camping



*Sonic Happy Hour

*Fourth of July Bike Parade


*Making Daddy a Mummy (They LOVED this)



*Strawberry and Root beer Floats





*Lunch at Fritz’s


Here is our original summer bucket list post if you were curious what we didn’t get to/



Preschool Started!

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First Day of School

Its been awhile since I have written anything on here. My computer died this summer and I finally got it back. We did some really fun things this summer and I’ll try and do a recap post one of these days.

It has been pretty busy around here and the kids seem like they are getting bigger everyday. I’m watching them transition from babies to preschoolers. It is fun to watch them figure out things and even more fun to be able to go on new adventures with them. The kids officially started preschool this year. They are still going two days a week; however, they no longer have a nap time and are in a more structured learning environment. We choose to separate the kids this year at school. I was a little nervous about this transition but the kids have done great! The only sign that they were nervous or apprehensive at all was on the first day when Jack said he was shy without Leah. Leah walked right in and didn’t even give me a kiss. Truth be told I think she enjoys having some time without him. He is in her face all day and she enjoys a little more alone time. They do still eat lunch  together and the two classes have music together so I think it is a good transition for them.

Leah has started a combination dance class this fall. She is loving it so far and is taking the class with her good friend Lexi and her friend Elliot. Jack participated in T-ball this summer but we have taken a break this fall.

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