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It has been a great year for us. It has also been a busy one. I was looking back through my facebook posts this morning and it was fun to see a snapshot of our year. A few of the highlights this year: we moved, we took the kids to Disney World and the beach, I was given the all clear from my docs in Cleveland and will not be returning for five years, I joined Jason on work trips to Seattle and Palm Springs, we took the kids to their first movie, we celebrated my 30th and we hosted a couple of holidays at our new home. The  kids officially started preschool and not just moms day out, Jack played T-ball, Leah started ballet and they both took swimming lessons. In between all of that there were lots of giggles, laughs, tears, play days, pajama days, meals cooked and laundry finished. If I had to sum up 2013 in a couple of words it would be busy and blessed. I feel like we have been going non-stop since the year started but it has been filled with love, friends, family and great memories.

Tonight we will celebrate the New Years just the four of us. The kids and I are still recovering from colds and we didn’t want to share our germs. We got stuff to make several appetizers and we are planning on playing games and watching movies.


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