10 Tips for Visiting Disney World With Preschoolers

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Image10 Tips for Visiting Disney World with Preschoolers

I love Disney world. I have been more times that the average person and I’m always looking forward to going back. This past year was my first time visiting Disney World with kids. I have been looking forward to taking my kids to Disney World since they were born and I am happy to report it was a truly magical experience. I did a ton of research and planning before our trip and I learned a few things about taking four year old twins. Here are my tips for visiting Disney world with preschoolers.

  • 1. Use a Stroller. Even if your kid never rides in one at home they will at Disney World. It is a lot of walking. Its really not uncommon to see five or even six year olds riding in a stroller by the end of the day. We rented a double citi mini through Kingdom Strollers . It was delivered to our hotel and it was great! I choose to rent one through a rental company rather than through the parks because the stroller we rented was more comfortable for the kids and we had the stroller to use to and from the buses. If it is easier to bring yours from home do that. We decided we didn’t need it for the airport and didn’t want to hassle with dragging it through the airport.


  • 2. Stay on Property. The Disney hotels have transportation to the parks, they have family activities and great pools. The moderate and deluxe resorts all offer fridges in the room. If you are staying on property you can also use the Magical Express to and from the airport, which eliminates the need for a rental car. They are so many other great benefits. I won’t repeat them all because any good guide book will tell you all about them. This past trip we stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. The hotel was great. The kids loved the pool and it was nice to have a boat to downtown Disney and view of a river.


  • 3. Don’t Plan too many sit down dinners. We got the Disney Dinning Plan for free and there were so many cool looking places that I made reservations for us for almost every day. This was too much. After day two of kids squirming, misbehaving and not eating anything during dinner my husband and I looked at each other and decided we need a new plan. We cancelled some of our reservations and ate a few more counter service meals. Everyone was happier. A few of our favorite Table Service Restaurants at Disney World were: Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria at Epcot, La Hacienda De San Angel at Epcot and 50’s Prime Time Café at Hollywood Studios. A few of our favorite Quick Service Restaurants include: Casey’s Corner at The Magic Kingdom, Wolf Gang Express at Downtown Disney and The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom.


  • 4. Skip the Parade one night. Don’t get me wrong, the night time parade at Magic Kingdom is very cool and you should go see it, but one day skip the parade. During the parade go to Fantasyland and ride all the rides that normally have really long lines. We were able to ride seven things in about two hours and then stopped behind the castle to watch the fireworks. It wasn’t prime fireworks viewing but it was the kids favorite night. We alternated between Dumbo and the Goofy roller coaster for an hour and the kids had a ball.


  • 5. Use one of the Disney Apps touring plans. Find an app that has Disney touring plans and use it. We used one from www.touringplans.com for two or three days of our trip and found that our wait times were much better than the days that we didn’t do this. We also used the app from Disney called My Disney Experience for show times, wait times and to change reservations.


  • 6. Don’t expect to see it all. Disney World is too big to see it all in one trip or even two. Sit down with your family before you leave and pick two or three things at each park that you can’t miss and make sure you get to them. If you try to do it all it will become more like work than a vacation. To help us decide what things we wanted to do I ordered custom maps from Disney’s Website and the kids had a blast looking at them deciding what to do.


  • 7. Keep your normal routine most days. We tried to stay on our normal schedule the majority of the days we were at Disney World. We went back to the room and took rests, we went to bed early and ate at normal times. We picked two days to stay up late and do night time things. While the kids had fun doing the night time activities, they were kind of a mess the next day. It was worth it for us to keep them well rested and made the days more fun for everyone.


  • 8. Remember to check out the little things. There are tons of little things that amaze preschoolers at Disney. It isn’t all about the big attractions. My kids were amazed at the jumping fountains at Epcot and we spent a half an hour one day letting them run around and try to catch them. The kids also loved the side walks that light up at Epcot. Some of our best memories are little moments like that.


  • 9. Plan for a rest before you go home. We normally head to the beach for a few days after going to Disney World. Disney World is fun but it is also tiring. There are lots of people and lots of stimulation and some times you need a little break before heading back in to normal routine. Even if it is just taking the last half day you are at Disney World and spending it at the pool, plan a little time to chill before navigating the airport or a car trip with preschoolers.


  • 10. Remember this is a vacation, make it fun! It’s easy to get caught up in planning and have an unrealistic vision of how things are going to go. If things stop being fun  ask yourself, “What is going on?” Are we tired? Hungry? If the plan that you set out isn’t working, make a new plan.  If the kids want to go back to the hotel and swim, do it. The idea of taking your family to Disney World is to make great memories. If everyone is tense and stressed that isn’t going to happen.

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