Jack and Leah 4 years 4 months

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Age: 4 years 4 months

Weight:33 pounds

Height:38 inches approx

Clothing size: pants 4t shirts 4-5 (I feel like everytime I put a pair of pants on him they are too short..he is growing a ton). Shoes size 10

Favorite Foods: Hotdogs, edememe, cupcakes, almond milk, Honey Nut Cheerios and apples

Favorite toys: Geo Trax Trains, Dress Up and make believe

Favorite Show: Sheriff Callie’s Wild West and Jake and The Never Land

Favorite Movie: Despicible Me Too

Jack has been such a sweet heart recently. He tells me 20 times a day that I am the best mommy and that he loves me. He and Leah were picking up the other day and he said to her, “Leah you are the best sister God ever made.” This boy can seriously melt my heart. He has been eating twice as much as he used to and is starting to grow. Jack is really into playing make believe right now and he and Leah have been playing well together. They can play “camping” or “surfing” for hours at a time. Camping means they put everything they own in the hall way and then pretend to sleep. Surfing is putting every pillow in the house in the hall way and then put on their swim suits and jump and play. They also play Sheriff Callie where they dress up as cowboys and look for “bandaids.” Jack is still doing well with numbers and basic math. He knows most of his letters but isn’t really interested in writing them. He will occasionally write a J. He loves helping me and I can always get him to help put away laundry or make beds.



Age: 4 years 4 months

Weight: 30 pounds

Height: around 37 inches

Clothing Size: 3t pants and skirts 4-5 shirts

Favorite Foods:macaroni and cheese, eggs, pancakes, Strawberries

Favorite Toys: Princess anything…dress up figurines whatever

Favorite Show: Sofia the First

Favorite Movie: Frozen

Leah seems really grown up to me all of the sudden. Sometimes the things that come out of her mouth seem more like a teenager than a four year old. She is very thoughtful and is always helping others. She is very inquisitive and asks questions about everything. She loves school and her class and tells me all about her day including which kids got in trouble and which kids didn’t at school. She loves to play dress up and princess and convinces Jack to play princess with her. Leah really likes to be independent doing everything from getting dressed to making her bed and doing her hair. Leah can write her name and knows most of her letters. She is getting better with counting and loves to draw. She also likes to come up with stories.


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