Last Day of School

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This is a little late. Our last day of preschool was last week. I am amazed how much the kids have changed this year. Last week the weather did not feel like summer at all but it has warmed up and we are taking full advantage of it. We have played in the water table, played at the park, had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpas and eaten ice cream. We are looking forward to a lot more fun filled days.



10 Things to do Before You Go to Disney World

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1. Make your Advance Dinning Reservations (ADR) as soon as you can. The earliest you can make reservations is 180 days in advance. To do that call 1-800-407-WDW-DINE.The Disney Dinning Blog has a great review of how to do this, which you can find here.

2. Schedule your fast Passes. This can be done 60 days in advance. There is a great article on WDW Prep School that you can find here.

3. Order Groceries from an online grocery service and have them delivered to your hotel. We don’t eat any meals in our room but it is great to have snacks and drinks in the room and not have to drag them from home. We have used Garden Grocer in the past.

4. If you will be renting a stroller call and reserve it. We used Kingdom Strollers and had a great experience. There are several other companies that rent strollers as well.

5. Watch Disney Movies. Everything is more fun when you know who the characters are. Peter Pan, Dumbo, Aladdin, Finding Nemo, Cinderella, Toy Story, Lilo and Stich, Allison Wonderland and the Little Mermaid are just a few of the movies featured in ride.

6. Let your kids know what to expect. This is huge for our kids. We talked a lot about what to expect before we got there. We explained we would ride in a car to the airport, then get on the plane, then get on a bus and then get to the hotel. Knowing each step of the process really helped the kids. We talked about the fact that there would be lines and that the characters might not talk to them (only face characters talk). All of this was great for our kids.

7. Buy some shirts for the family. I ordered shirts online from the Disney Store and got a great deal. It was fun for the kids to wear them on the way there. I have also seen shirts at Old Navy, Target and Walmart featuring characters. You will save a ton of money buying them before you get there.

8. Order personalized maps. Disney World will send you personalized maps through the Disney website. The kids loved getting them in the mail and going over all of the rides. It was a fun way for them to help with the planning.

9. Make sure everyone has good tennis shoes. You will be walking a lot and everyone needs to have good shoes. Don’t wait until the night before to check on shoes only to realize your son’s shoes have a hole or are a size to small.

10. Download Disney Apps. We used the My Disney Experience Mobile App for wait times, show schedules; changes on dinning reservations and you should be able to change your fast pass reservations. We also used an App from Disney World Touring Plans and found it extremely helpful.


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