Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites

1.Summer Strawberries. We went and picked Strawberries at Wholetz Farm near Lawrence this week with some good friends. The kids had a blast! On the way home we stopped at my parents house and it just so happened that Grandma had all the fixin’s for homemade strawberry ice cream… so we made some. I am not normally a strawberry ice cream fan but this was good stuff. The kids had strawberries with cool whip that night for dessert and then the next morning had Belgian waffles with strawberries and powdered sugar for breakfast.

2. Recital pictures were on Thursday this week and my little ballerina has been growing her hair out all year in hopes to have a bun. She was soo excited we got it up like everyone else. It was cute to watch the girls run around and giggle in their costumes. I have such great memories growing up from dance and recitals and enjoy watching Leah make memories of her own.

3. Summer Schedule. I love summer. We have been letting the kids stay up later. They have started sleeping in later and I love that no one feels rushed in the morning. I love letting them play in jammies until ten and not being in a hurry to do anything. This is definitely on of my Friday favorites.

4. So this would not be my favorite….to be totally honest I don’t understand it at all but my kids are totally freaking out over these tsum tsum stuffed animal things. They basically look like Disney character hamsters. It has been all they have played with the past couple of weeks. They have little cartoon shorts on the Disney Channel and I would just like to say that is some excellent marketing..We have like six of them and they have to go everywhere with us.

5. Mini Frappachinos! We dig em. I probably should not let my children drink things from Starbucks but I had a free drink and we needed a treat after an afternoon of errands. The kids loved them and the mini size was perfect. I’m sure we will be back for more before the summer is over. Although, I got Jack the Vanilla bean one and he just kept saying I love this mommy but I sure do wish it was chocolate.


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