Crazy Summer Days 

June 10, 2015 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It’s Wednesday and I feel like I have hardly sat down. Our slow summer days have been anything but. 

Monday morning started off with eye appoimemts for both kids. Almost three hours later we found out Leahs eyes had no change, I think that is a first for her, and jack only had a slight change in his stigmatism in one eye. We celebrated with happy meals…mostly because I had to bribe them with something after the first hour and half of being there.  It was a long visit even for mommy. 

That afternoon we headed home to meet up with our good friends to check an item off of summer bucket list…Tea Party. The kids had a blast. Poor Jack was out numbered, but I think he was really in it for the snacks. 

That night I had an appointment, so Grandma took Leah to ballet. By the end of the day we were all exhausted. 

Tuesday was swimming day! The kids were so excited. 

After a few hours at the pool they were wiped out so we got cleaned up and they had some quiet time while I caught up on chores…this is the closest thing we get to a nap at our house these days. 

I made the best salads for my friend and at the pool. It was an Italian Chopped Salad I found the recipe on the blog Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers. You can find the recipe here. I will be making it again soon. There were lots of other recipes on there I want to try. 

Wednesday we met up with an old friend of mine and her 9 month old twins. They were so brought back lots of memories. How did my kids get so big so fast? 

We had more Drs appointments for mommy, ballet and a snake in the garage. That’s right a snake. It was a baby one but I was freaked out and I am super thankful for neighbors who came to help since Jason was gone. Now of course I’m convinced there are more…it was a baby one they don’t travel alone right? Ewww. 

This pic has nothing to do with the post but jack found a giant Tsum Tsum at Target and he was super excited.    


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