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Warning this is a long post.. .with lots of food pictures. 

I’m spending a couple of days with the hubby in Boston. I should have been taking tons of pictures of all the fabulous sights but all I ended up taking pictures of was the fabulous food. 

We started off our first night with some pizza with what I’m told is a local favorite at Pizzeria Regina. We had the Classico and a pitcher of Peroni and it was the perfect start to our trip. After dinner we picked up some dessert to take back to the hotel at Franeuil Hall.


On the way back to the hall we stopped by a fun looking bar called Carrie Nation. Which oddly enough ended up being named after a woman from Kansas. Carrie Nation lived right before the prohibition era and was known for attacking estabashments that served alcohol with a hatchet. Interesting place…if you are headed to Boston check it out. 

We had a fireplace in our room the first night. This was a pic of my desert and the fire…getting ready to watch some tv before bed…what more do I need? 

When we left it wasn’t exactly warm but landing in Boston it did not feel like June at all, it was in the 40’s and rainy the first day. What is a girl to wear in June, when it’s cold and you will be walking all day? This is the best I could do.   

 On our second day, we walked around some cute little neighborhoods in Boston before heading to Camridge to check out the Harvard campus and we grabbed a burger at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottege. Harvard campus was neat to see but didn’t seem as big as I thought it would. Mr. Bartley’s was a whole in the wall, we sat in plastic chairs so close the people next to us I was hitting their elbows…but these burgers were so good. The onion rings were even better. 


After all that we decided we needed to workout before dinner. It was so nice to go workout just the two of us…sometimes  it’s the little things. For dinner we went to Limincello in the north end. It was delicious and was just down the street from Paul Reveres house. This city is filled with so much history. Afterwards we headed to the lounge at the top of the prudential tower if a drink. They had a jazz quartet playing …it was the perfect end to the night.    

The bright lights are Fenway Park. It didn’t photograph well but was cool to see. 



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